Wednesday, November 8, 2006

Another finish!

Well, I finished my Country good Morning. Took right at two weeks to do. It was so fun! I am also nearing the end on the Kats n' hats. Didn't think to take a pic of it though.

Today is just gorgeous here in Missouri! Tons of sunshine and 80 degrees!!! This old hillbilly was running around barefoot. I hate shoes!!!! LOL! But it will cool off again by Friday. Such is fall in the ozarks. if you don't like the weather, wait a minute it'll change. Blessings to you all!


  1. Michelle, yout Country Good Morning is charming! Wow! Thats got to be close to a record with temps up in the 80's in Missouri! I love to go barefoot too! hehe!

  2. It's gorgeous Michelle!! Hmmm so THAT'S where our sunshine went today...Missouri! lol It was so dark and dreary here, I had to have a lamp on all that so that I could see in the house!! Take care xox

  3. Beautiful piece. Congrats on the finish. I sure wish it was sunny and 80 here today. Instead it's been cool, foggy and dreary all day. I sure hope tomorrow is a brighter day.

  4. What a pretty pattern! Congratulations! Send me some heat and dryness please!

  5. That's so pretty! Congrats on the finish!

    Our weather in NJ has been crazy - some days really cold, then really warm.

  6. This is a lovely design, Michelle! And such a great, quick finish too!
    The weather here is glorious, though chilly. Real Fall weather. Yay!

  7. My! It looks gorgeous! And you've almost finished the cats as well?! Talented and speedy! Can I have your recipe?

  8. It's beautiful Michelle, wow :)

  9. Congrats! That is a fantastic piece! Love it! :D

  10. Gosh, lovely!
    I can not crochet and sewing isn't a strength. I can't really knit but I do make nice cards LOL!
    Greetings from UK, yorkshire to be precise.
    Came by your blog via another, as the story goes.

    Lovely blog, lovely people.



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