Sunday, January 7, 2007

Staining fabric and a new project

Here is a piece of luguna I coffee stained last night. I was sooooo worried it was going to be too dark and mottled. But it came out good. I wish the mottling showed up better. It is subtle just as I had hoped!

This is the project going on it. I purchased the pattern from e patterns central. I thought it looked a bit victorian so that is why I stained the fabric. So that it would look old. I debated whether to stain the fabric and floss or just the fabric. Decisions, decisions!

Here are some finsihed small pillows. You had seen the finished cross stitch but not the finished pillows. They were fun to do!

And finally let's have a laugh at Katie! Not satisfied with her cover, she pulled down the afghan and her jacket and made herself into a burrito! She looks like a frog in a hail storm! LOL!


  1. I had heard about staining fabric with coffee and from what I can see, it did turn out beautifully and does indeed make the fabric look antiqued! Love those little pillows you made, so delightful!! Katie-Bug looks quite comfy all wrapped up against the cold! lol Hugs xox

  2. My daughter has used coffee staining for aging fabric (most recently on a Halloween costume)
    Your stitching looks wonderful.
    Katie looks warm and cozy :)

  3. I love your little pillows. I think it is so cool when people dye their own fabric.

  4. Great dyeing job and it will look perfect with that chart. Your pillows turned out great. And LOL at Katie. She's a hoot!

  5. Michelle looks great! I LOVE those pillows, adorable!

    The girls on cross stitch crazy miss you, drop by!

    and I tried to email you but it kept being!

  6. Isn't it funny how much like children our pets can be? Katie looks like so much fun and I love the way she curls up in a blanket. Too cute!

  7. Katie looks mighty cozy in her cocoon! Your fabric and pillows turn out great!!

  8. I love your JJ pillows! Your doggie is pretty cute too...

  9. Hi Michelle! Happy New Year to you all. The Happy Home project is so pretty. I love your little kitty pillows - They turned out soooo adorable. Gotta love lil Katie!! LOL, she's always good for a giggle... and looks so adorable as a burrito doggie!

    I didn't know you could put music on a blog. How did you do that?

  10. Awww...cutie Katie...all wrapped up! That's funny!
    Your stitching is just beautiful and the pillows are so cute! I bet they look sweet inside a basket!
    The coffee dyeing is so fun! I do it a lot myself too!

  11. Oh, I absolutely LOVE how you finished the cats into small pillows! I have the same designs at home calling for my attention... I will surely finish them like you!
    Take care! (and a hug to Katie!).

  12. I love that pattern! The fabric will be perfect, what a great idea to dye it.


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