Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Back online!

Well we are all moved in at last and back online! We had trouble getting the phone and internet set up and going but at last it is done! I will be doing a REAL post tomorrow or Friday and share some updates and other things with you. I hope to get back to reading all my favorite blogs by tomorrow once I get caught up on some e mails and other stuff! See you again soon!


  1. Yeaaaaaaaaaa you're back online:-) I've missed youuuu!!! Can't wait to hear how the move went and to hear all your latest news. By the way, hope you had a Happy Birthday on Sunday:-) I was away for a few days so didn't get to post a birthday greeting for you on my blog...I was thinking of you though!!! xox

  2. Welcom back! You were missed!

  3. It's great to have you back online. Glad you guys are all moved in and settled.

  4. Yea, a new home! We want to see some photos!!!!!


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