Sunday, November 4, 2007

Stitchy news and some other fun

This is a friends dog and her boy. Gypsy the doxie is a rescue who was horribly treated and is not healthy at all. She is paralyzed in her back legs and now her upper spine is flairing up. She is on crate rest and Suz's boys have been comforting her. Isn't this the sweetest picture?
Saw this old car when we were out and about awhile back. I love it!
Katie, sleeping under her blankie as usual! That girl is a mess and brings a smile to me every day. You know, with our Katie in my life I wouldn't be brave enough to take walks once or twice a day like I do.
And finally some stitching for you. I am almost done with this! I bought up enough white and black floss to finish it up. Then i will make it into a pillow. i will share pictures of the fabric I will be using next time I make a stitchy post.
So that is what I have been up too the past few days. god bless and keep you in the coming week. See you soon!


  1. Great pictures. Your stitching/??? it Needlepoint?....and then do you use floss or yarm...would love to know more about this.

  2. Hi Michelle! I love your progress on this piece! So nice! Thank you so much for visitng my blog so often! I love getting comments from you! It sounds like you had a nice visit with friends on your trip, that is great! Katie is, as usual, adorable! Happy fall!

  3. I love the picture of the boy laying with the doggies. So cute. We miss our little Fritzie so often. He's been gone for years, but he is still such a good memory.

  4. Thanks for sharing the pictures!

  5. Poor little Gypsy...I've never been able to understand cruelty of any kind!

    That is the sweetest picture, of both animals!

    Have a wonderful day!

  6. That is the sweetest picture of the boy and his dog :)
    I like old cars like that one too!
    And Katie what a sweetie she is!
    Your stitching looks super spectacular! Can't wait to see it finished as a pillow!

  7. The picture of the boys and their pets was so sweet.

    Your pet, I can tell how much you love and I am sure she loves you.

    The craft work is beautiful as usual. I really like this one. You have done a very good job.

    God bless you keep you and your,dear Michelle. connie

  8. That's going to be a beautiful pillow. The colors are really nice.

  9. God bless you for rescuing Gypsy. Let us pray for an end to all abuse of both humans and animals.


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