Sunday, December 2, 2007

Stitchy stuff, katie and the sunset

This will be Jack's next big project. Another lap quilt called snow folks.
I am nearly done with Life's Lesson sampler. Just finish the morning glory border and add the date!
Now we interrupt this stitching for a sunset! Popped out in the cold and wind to snap a pic from the front porch.
Oh and here is Katie helping Jack sew! LOL! More like using his leg for a pillow!
Jack finished up a pair of pillowcases. They are very bright and vivid in person!
Now he is working to finish up this little wall hanging. It says "The heart that loves is forever young" I like that!
So there is our weekend in a nut shell! Have a wonderful week everyone!


  1. You guys really do some awesome needlework! I LOVE the snow folks -- I have a affinity for snowmen. =) Had to laugh at Katie -- we have one just like her. She thinks she is in charge. {eyeroll} Her new spot aside from someones lap is right next to the wood stove. How much does Katie weigh? Mini is still pretty tiny. ???

  2. what beautiful work ! I love the sampler, it reminds me of one my mother did for me.

  3. Enjoyed visiting your blog--I love, love, love the pillowcases--your dog is hilarius! The pictures of Main Street are so interesting. I noticed, too, how flat everything is! I live in SC not far from the beach and our historical district and down town is so cool too. After Christmas when I have a camera (;-) ) I will have to post so pics. Right now I use my webcam for indoor pic or steal pics from my daughter. We have a neat old town clock and some beautiful old homes. Have a blessed week!!

  4. I am amazed each time that you share your neddlework. You are both masters at your craft ! Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful.
    I love all of the colorful pieces that you design.

    Katie does you two like Rocky does me when I am reading. He has to be next to me curled up and sleeping with is head or paw on one of my legs or feet.
    We are getting the wind this morning and the colder weather tonight.It was 56 degrees early this morning. It will drop 20 degress from noon until 5:00pm.

    Have a blessing filled day with lots of love and laughter!

  5. Ohhhh! Everything is so lovely!!! Katie is sure a cutie. Do you listen to music while you stitch or have the tv on for your background noise? It's amazing what you both put out in quality and quantity. Have a wonderful week!

  6. Michelle...
    All your stitchery is just so both work wonders...and make such good use of your the pictures of that cute pooch.....

  7. It must be such fun to sit and stitch with your husband and your doggie. Such a cozy feeling!

  8. Gee, does Katie stitch too?

  9. Wow your projects are sooo good, my little ones pale in comparison!! Thats it I am going to practise and one day I will be this good!!! :)

    Love you sister,


  10. It's always sweet to read your blog, Michelle. Katie's my firm favorite... Give her a hug for me!
    Ans as always, your stitching and your DH's wips are gorgeous...
    Take care,

  11. Love the snowfolk lap blanket and the pillowcases are so vibrant. So pretty! I tell you-Katie is living the life! She is too funny!


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