Thursday, May 15, 2008

fun and dogs on Thursday

Here is the divine Miss Bug in beddie bye! Jack took this picture of her. She seems to think she can have the whole bed!

My favorite green house here in town! I about drool whenever we go by it. I start to get excited when they start setting everything up in early April because I know that means time for flowers!
Don't you love this mouse pad? Our old one was just plain shot and we both loved this one!
Here is the border we picked for the kitchen. I almost got one with apples but I just love the look of this one.
And Jack is finished! Isn't it great? I love the roosters gorgeous tail!
I don't have anything crafty to show for myself. I have been making some squares for my crochet project but not a lot of cross stitching!


  1. But of course he is supposed to have the whole least that is what Charlotte & Wilbur have told me...repeatedly. :)

    love the border and the rooster.

  2. For some reason I was thinking you was the one doing the Roster cross stitch, but he did do a good job.

  3. That is one content puppy! Darling pic!


  4. I love that border! It's gonna look great in your house!

  5. Love the pic's of pups under the covers...there always so cute!
    Jacks works are grogeous as always!! You got lots of catching up to do thier
    Have a good one..

  6. Oh, Michelle, I always have to blow your pictures up as large as they can go--so interesting and beautiful. I love the greenhouse, and when I enlarged the picture, the most beautiful field and building behind it appeared. Jack's rooster picture is great. What's he going to do next? And please show us your crochet squares! I always feel as if I've gone on such a nice visit when I look at your blog.

  7. Love your pictures! As usual they are so sweet. The puppy under the cover is so cute :)

    I like your new mouse pad. It is so sweet :) Wow, Jack's handiwork is so beautiful. He is really good. Look forward to see your next craft work.

    Take care!

  8. So beautiful!!! Love the border:~)

  9. Ohhh...I love that border too! Great pick!
    And Jack's roosters are just cute as buttons! Congrats!!!

  10. Hi Dear Michelle,
    Look at that cute Miss Katie Bug! She makes herself right at home doesn't she! Love the cute border you've chosen for the kitchen. Jack's work turned out beautifully.
    I'd be heading straight to that greenhouse for some flowers myself (as if I don't have enough already LOL!) Guess you can tell from my posts that I love color in my garden :)

  11. I love the border ! The embroidery is just gorgeous

  12. jack did great stitching, and i love the pup in the blanket! always a cutie! lol

  13. oh that Katie, what a q-tie!!!!
    Your border is so cute I think you are going to love it....
    Jack's quilt looks so wonderful....

  14. The wallpaper border is cute, and Jack's project turned out great!


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