Sunday, May 2, 2010

Stitching, flowers, Pastors and Elijah

Now there is a mouthful!  LOL!  Elijah should be coming home later in the week.  He turned a whole 8 weeks old yesterday.  I am so excited and ready to meet him!  And more good news!  We have a pastor again!  We voted on him today and it was unanimous.  He will be coming at the end of this month and has some wonderful plans for our church.  Now how about some pictures?  These are flowers in a long abandoned flower bed in front of our house  They really came up in force this year now that it gets more light with the trees gone.
And I finished my little cross stitch piece. Now I just need to frame it with fabric and it will be hung in our bedroom. 

So that is it for now! God bless and huggles!


  1. congrats on Elijah I have been reading your blog for some as what I guess is called a lurker. I love looking at your cross stitch and crochet. Blessings Brenda

  2. what lovely flowers!!

  3. Thanks for sharing your lovely flowers. I am so glad Spring is here. Happy to hear the Lord sent you a new pastor and I hope you will share pictures of your dear little Elijah. Blessings and huggles to you. :)

  4. A stunning photo of beautiful flowers. Thanks so much for posting these incredible delights of nature.

  5. Beautiful flowers and I love the cross stitch!

  6. Those peach colored columbine are beautiful! We too, have columbine at our house in that color.

    Your projects spark me into doing more on my own projests...starting with a thorough cleanout of my sewing room. God bless you!


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