Saturday, July 10, 2010

Wolves and E.J.

Mr. E.J. the mighty thought I needed help today trimming branches. Here he is marching off with one.
GRRR!  Showing one he is tough!
What's dad up to?
Was that a bird?
Okay after all the silly, here is my wolf.  The ear is done and now I only have the head portion to do.  Then it will be off to page two but I do believe I will finish up rainbow bridge before I go much further on this one. 
Thanks for visiting!  God bless and huggles!


  1. I'm always giggling at E.J.'s antics that he writes about on Facebook! hehe What a little helper he is but I do hope he hasn't stolen any more 'maters?? lol Too precious.

    I'm always in awe of your stitching!! xoxo

  2. I so much enjoy E.J.'s adventures. He is such a cute doggie.
    I see your cross stiching and I wonder if it would be hard on the eyes. I have enough trouble trying to see when I'm crocheting or sewing.

  3. What a cutie... he is so adventurous!


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