Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Got Stitching? Yes, we do!

Look at Jack's baby quilt!  So cute and he is really zipping along.

Okay, you may think I have lost all sense but these twin size sheets will become our bedroom curtains.  I love the lace ones we have in there but with our windows facing east, it is to bright in the mornings.

And here is Gathering Eggs.  I am working on the border now and then will do the rest.  I may try to work just on this one until finished.

I was busy on my latest project, Plum and gold.  Love the colors on it.

I couldn't remember if I had done anymore on this since last time, so here it is again regardless.  LOL!
It was brought to my attention that sometimes it takes a very long time for my blog to load up.  Most likely it is the picture size so you will notice they are a little smaller.  I hope they will be big enough!  huggles and blessings.


  1. Everything looks great, tell Jack that his baby quilt is really coming along beautifully. I know the feeling about the light coming in the windows. I had to hang black-out curtains, now our bedroom looks like a bear's cave all day long. Great for a quick nap at noon.

  2. You both do amazing work.

  3. Keeping you in prayer for your surgery, Michelle. We had to do black out curtains for our due east bedroom windows too. It simply became too hot too early in the summertime. Lovely stitchy bits you have done!

  4. More nice stitching progress for both of you! I think the sheets will make very good curtains.

  5. Yours and Jacks stitching is sooo amazing!!

  6. I am enjoying watching the progression of Jacks quilt. I really like the colors in your gathering eggs cross stitch and the boarder is great.

  7. I especially like Gathering Eggs. Have you considered double-hanging the curtains with the polka dots peeking through the curtains?

  8. Michelle, yours and Jack's projects look great! I particularly like your gathering eggs piece!


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