Friday, July 12, 2013

A little of everything!

It has taken over a month, but finally the townhouse is looking like home!  Still a little work to be done here and there but all in all we are pleased!

I have been working on Jack's afghan.  I started it last year and then snowflake and angel orders and baby afghans got in the way!  I have told him I will have it for him this winter.  He has to spend a good deal of time on the floor trying to ease his painful legs and back.

And the cardinals are coming along!  I have been doing a lot of outlining and am taking a bit of a respite from them.

And here is our Miss Sylvia Joy giving me the once over and playing with her crinkle ball.  And kitty toes behind the table leaf!


  1. Nice to know you're all settled in the new home! Lovely update on your stitching & crochet x

  2. It's looking good, love your table and chairs, it's the same as mine. Sewing is looking good. I have WIP here which are years old! we all have them.

  3. So glad you are setttled and home now feels like home :) May the Lord bless your new home. Peace and grace, Bean

  4. Hello

    Everything is looking so cosy, I'm glad you have settled.
    Beautiful crochet and stitching.
    I love Sylvia!
    Happy weekend (:

  5. Your place is looking great! Love Jack's afghan -- so pretty! The cardinals are looking amazing! And Miss Syliva is adorable as always.

  6. Lovely home...looks very roomy. Sweet kitties too :) Thank you for your visits to my blog and your kind comments Blessings friend

  7. Anonymous9:15 PM CDT

    Jack's afghan is really nice. Love Sylvia's little paws. So cute and your home looks very nice. :)

    from PA

  8. It looks lovely. You guys "set up house" quickly and get everything neatly in place.

  9. Your town home looks so nice and spacious. I love the brightness and Sylvia's spot by the window. The picture of her kitty toes is adorable and I must admit, I love the color of the afghan

  10. How nice to see a bit of your home! Loved the kitty paws!


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