Monday, July 1, 2013

Tiny post!

Not much to show but here it is!  I had to fix a boo-boo but still got some done.  I am trying to finish up an order of angels, so I have been dividing up my time.
And here is a very sleepy Sylvia after I got up to get on the computer.

I will share some pictures of a couple rooms here at the new place.  It has been slow going getting unpacked and settled.  Our bedroom is finished.  We took the smaller back room for quiet, no morning sun and we love a cozy room!

The den is not finished yet.  Jack had to repair my sewing desk.  It needs replaced but I am not ready to say good bye to it yet.  I love waterfall style of furniture and letting go of a piece is like losing a chunk of me!  LOL!

Thanks for visiting.  huggles and blessings.


  1. Love your new place! May God bless you all and your home!

  2. Well, you are slowly settling in to the new place, I see. Love the cardinals. I can never see enough of them.

  3. Looking nice. Happy for you and your new place.

  4. It looks as if you are settling in nicely.
    Such a cheery quilt on your bed. And I love your ten, it looks like a very productive work area for two people who like to keep busy.

    Peace and grace,


  5. Your new rooms look lovely!
    Beautiful stitching, the colours of the cardinals are beautiful.
    Lovely Sylvia!

  6. Glad you all are settling in well. Your rooms are looking good. Love your cardinals. Sylvia is adorable! Love seeing her in the pics.

  7. Your new apartment looks bright and spacious. Is it beginning to feel like home yet? Sylvia seems to be content with the move :)

  8. wow...your gorgeous cardinal are done...if I had attempted that project it would undoubtedly be in a closet unfinished. And those Raggedy Ann & Andy on the bed are wonderful...make me smile. Happy 4th...

  9. A happy belated anniversary for you both. Your new abode looks comfortable and I know you both are happier there.

    Like you I have a difficult time letting go of a piece of furniture that has memories attached. So I buck up and move the piece onward so that nothing comes before my love of God and family.

    Lovely work on the cardinals and a big hug for HRC Sylvia!


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