Saturday, January 25, 2014

Cross stitch anyone?

Well I wanted to cross stitch on my Names of Jesus project but....
All of these lower names have to be torn out!  King of Glory is to the left to far which thru off everything below and to the left of it.  Sigh!!!!  So I will be tearing out for the next year!  LOL!

Jack has been able to do some cross stitching.  He can't do as much as he used to because of his legs keeping him in pain, but when he can, he really goes for it!
Now for the doily parade!  A 3 day migrane made it slow and sometimes no go but a couple are near finished!  The pink one is a gift for someone.

Now onto Sylvia!  She has decided napping on the back of the sofa is fun!
Begging for tummy rubs from dad is fun too!
Thanks for the visit.  I hope to start something new once a week on Wednesdays.  Finding interesting crochet and cross stitch patterns.  Huggles and blessings.


  1. I love that first doily -- lovely colors! Bummer on the ripping out. Sylvia is a cutie! (Mia doesn't like to have anyone touch her tummy. How strange!)

  2. All so beautiful !!!!!

  3. That's tough all the ripping out, I hate it when it happens to me. Love your doily, some one is going to be very lucky receiving the pink one. I like your idea to start something new on a Wednesday, makes a midweek boring day a bit more exciting.

  4. Oh Michelle, I am so sorry for the booboo…I just hate when that happens…but "Names of Jesus" is coming along stunning despite the wee hiccup.
    Your doilies are breath taking! OH my word! I just love the colors…you are such an artist…wow!
    Miss Sylvia is looking quite lovely, as usual, and just the thing for a Dad that is not feeling well…we call that medic cat lol.
    Sending hugs and prayers that Jack is able to enjoy his stitching again, soon.

  5. Feel so sorry for Jack, hope h feels better soon. Your projects are lovely. Happy ripping, LOL. I seem to do a lot of that also. :)

  6. Am so sorry your project needs a re-do. It is a reminder of our humility.

    Hugs to you, Jack & HRC Sylvia.

  7. So sorry that you've got to do some ripping but I love the doilies and Jack is doing great job.

  8. It always is a treat to see your beautiful needlework, and how much you accomplish!

  9. You do such beautiful work. Hope the unpicking goes quickly for you, it is so tedious!
    Blessings to you,

  10. So, so beautiful! The colors of every project you choose just "bloom" and make me smile! Sorry about the re-stitching you'll need to do - I hate that "wait a minute, something isn't right" realization. One stitch (forwards or backwards) at a time...... :)

  11. I would cry..then stuff it in a drawer....but I know you will be drawn to finish is a beautiful piece. When we tickle our Lucy she wants to play then fight. :)

  12. Sylvia could help pull them out! Beautiful work, Michele. You and Jack are the cat's meow!!


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