Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Finally some stitching!

At last my husband is feeling a little better and was even able to help with some of the chores today.  And I do at last have some stitching and such to share with you.  Jack is working on some quilt squares given to him by a friend.  Love the colors in it.  He plans on doing each of the squares with different color of flower.  Should be interesting.
Well, I was on the last name on my Names Of Jesus piece and ran out of thread.  That stinks big time so I will have to buy more Friday and finish and send it off.
And I am enjoying a bit of filet crochet.  It is a large piece, (14 by 49 inches or so)  and requires quite a bit of thread.  A friend sent me some size 20 thread and that is what I need.  Do you remember the old thread and yarn you had to wrap into a ball?  Yep, that is what we had to do with nearly 2,000 yards of thread but it was fun!
And I caught Sylvia on her favorite pillow on the sofa tonight.

Thanks for visiting!  Huggles and blessings.


  1. Beautiful crosses! Have a lovely day :)

  2. Glad to hear Jack is feeling better. Love his quilt square! Love that crochet you are doing -- beautiful! Sylvia looks so comfy!

  3. Your work is beautiful, glad Jack is feeling better, can't wait to see his stitching. Oh to come back as a much loved cat.

  4. The quilt squares are cute and the crochet is really nice. Sylvia looks comfy. Glad Jack is doing better.

  5. Michelle, you and your husband never fail to awe me with your prolific handwork and wonderful designs on the cross-stitching.

  6. The Quilt square stitching looks perfect -so nice to see how mny kind of embroidery You and your husband do... I I happy your DH is feeling better again. Thee Sylvia pictures are as cute as allways :)Give her some extra cuddles from me !


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