Thursday, July 16, 2015

Am I late or early?

Hello!  It has been really hot here this week.  Of course it had to have a heat index of 102 yesterday on my birthday when we were out and about.  I was hoping this would make me think of fall and cooler weather.  it didn't help!
Saw goats and horses too.  They are not far from us.

We went to a resale shop for some end tables that matched.  Instead we went with these pieces that need a little love.  They were only 17 dollars a piece.
This one will end up displaying my few tea cups.
In the crochet department I am working on a rug for Jack's side of the bed.
Today I got on a good roll and made this big pile of daisy squares for the blanket I am working on for a friend.
Where is Sylvia?
All that playing wears a kitty out!

Thanks for visiting.  Huggles and blessings.


  1. A belated happy birthday to you, it sounds like you had a nice time! I too could be very happy without this heat, yuck! Your new little tables are great, love the one for your tea cups. I bet a good soak of Old English would shine them all right up!

  2. Hot weather over here too :-\
    Love those fall colors, greetings!

  3. Huge progress on the crochet work!!
    I've recently learnt to crochet and I'm now obsessed & determined to finish a little baby blanket. It is so relaxing!!
    But I do miss my cross stitch needle ;)

  4. It was my mum's birthday yesterday July 15th, she would have been 92, happy birthday, July 15th is a date when all the lovely people were born.

  5. Happy Birthday ! You are right, losing weight is a good bonus of being diabetic!


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