Sunday, April 20, 2008

Stitching, neighbors and nature

Here are Jack's chickens! He is just really zipping along!
What I am working on now. My Ruth project has gotten to the point where it is just blue and more blue and more blue! i feel like I have used every skein of that color that is in the state of Missouri! LOL! And I will need more before I am done.
While I was outside on this gorgeous day, this little bee was busy with the dandelions!
Here is my Jack and our neighbor Jack and his girlfriend.
See the pretty redbud tree? I just love them!
And we have a couple small patches of Johnny Jump Ups. I want to buy more seed and put them throughout the entire yard. Our home in Springfield MO had tons of these little flowers and wild strawberries too! It was a cheerful thing to see each spring!
So please have a blessed week and know that God loves you and so do I! See you soon!


  1. What a lovely post Michelle :) Your Jack is just zooming along on his quilt! Love those Rooster's and hens :)

  2. Thank you, Michelle, for sharing the lovely photos! The redbud tree is very beautiful. Nice to see the two Jacks :-)

    Take care and have a blessed week, my dear friend!


  3. Hi Michelle,
    I love the roosters that Jack is working on!
    Those redbud trees are so bright and pretty. I'd love one of those for our yard! Glad it's nice enough for you to be outdoors and visiting with the neighbors!

  4. I love those little johnny jumpups myself, our old farmhouse had them everywhere! Need to plant some here at our new house. Have a wonderful week!

  5. I'm always in awe of the beautiful work you and Jack do with cross stitching! Oh wow, that redbud tree is just glorious with all its blooms, how beautiful! We had a perfect weekend here too, we seemed to have jumped from winter right into summer. To think that last week we still had snow and yet it went up in the high 70's on the weekend!! I barbecued hamburgers for dinner last night..first bbq of the season:-) xoxo

  6. Did I mention that after the storm, during the clean-up, Raf found a perfect, ripe strawberry in the middle of the yard! If we grew them, it's much too early. We put it on the bird feeder, and it was gone the next morning. I have always heard of Johnny-jumpups, but never seen them. They're beautiful.

    I will be sending you some "Texas stuff" so send me your postal address please. It appears I've lost it!

  7. I love the red bud trees, too, Michelle. We don't have one in our yard, but we have a LOT around this area.

  8. Your projects are all so beautiful. You are very talented

  9. I love johnny-jump-ups, too, and they do spread like weeds - baut lovely ones~

  10. Wow, is Jack stitchery progressing...
    I love all your Spring pictures..the tree colors are gorgeous...and the little Johnny Jump ups....gotta love Spring..

  11. The chickens is coming along great. Aren't you glad we're finally getting spring weather?!? I've got a few strangling flowers popping up too.

  12. I just love the giraffe stone houses in the ozarks.

  13. And now we can all tease you by saying, "Did you know Jack has a girlfriend????" and you'll look all smug and say, "Well, of course he does."

    I have hundreds of wild strawberries in my yard. The critters usually eat most of them, but we get to enjoy the carpet of flowers.

  14. We have tons of those little wild strawberries growing everywhere!


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