Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Word-filled Wednesday

Once again I had to do something different. Jack and I had seen an interview of this father and son. He did not want his son left out of life and they do a lot of things together. What an inspiring pair! May it bless you. Please visit Amy for more Word-filled Wednesdays. And also thanks for all the prayers for my brother. The tumors in his bladder are non-cancerous.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

One tired Old gal!

Well, I finally literally hung up my apron for the day. I am plain beat! I made some homemade cinnamon rolls. Thank goodness the bread machine does most of the work but it still causes me a lot of pain to do it. I am happy to do it though. Jack and I will have one for a treat tonight. Quality control ya know! LOL! Mainly I made them for the three of us before Tina has to go back to the facility after church tomorrow. I also made a pasta salad for our lunch tomorrow and I will make some oven toasted Parmesan bread. There is also cucumbers for Jack and Tina fresh from our neighbor Jack's garden. I will pass on those as I don't care for cucumbers. Anyway, on to stitchy news. Here is my Angel. For a change of pace I am working on the moon. I am also working on our bedspread and I am crocheting an afghan for Tina in lavenders and pinks which she loves those colors.
Here is one of the pillowcases Jack has been working on. Lots of satin stitches in it. He is taking a break before doing the other one and is working on another quilt square. This time with yellow roses.
Look at that Katie girl! What a mess and what a hog to! She kept trying to take the whole love seat and made sure to give me a good kick every now and again to remind me I was taking to much room! NOT! She had more love seat than I did. What a piglet!
So before the storms roll in I will get off here. God bless and keep you all and a blessed Sunday to you.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Word-filled Wednesday

Yes! At last I am back with Word-filled Wednesday. This one really called out to me especially after my cousins message at church last Sunday. He was talking about passing the test to go on to our heavenly reward. If we will just listen to the Holy Spirit the way is easy to see. I believe the Holy Spirit lives in my heart to guide, and teach me as I go through life. May this verse bless you! Visit Amy for more Word-filled Wednesday!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Another city picnic come and gone!

This weekend was our yearly city picnic. Thought I would share some pictures and what goes on around here. Lots of people come into town just for this! It was 127 years for the picnic! Looking north on Main Street.
This is looking south on Main Street from our churches parking lot.
I kinda think this ride looks fun!
Here are what goes on:
Frog jumping contest, tennis shoe toss and sidewalk chalk art. Then a balloon toss followed by concerts by local and regional acts. In the evening they have the rides and such going. Plus our Municipal band, last years talent winner and the talent contest.
Turtle races, hula hoop contest, water balloon toss and concerts. In the evening the rides open, our Municipal band, concert by a regional artist and a magic act.
A run to benefit St. Judes hospital,greased pig contest, baby contest, golf cart race, lip sync contest and concerts by various artists. Rides in the evening, music from the Municipal band, nite life and picnic committee introduction and drawing.
So there ya have it! Our good old fashioned picnic! Good to see it come every year but I am also glad to get back to things being a bit less busy with the extra folks in town.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

What a week thus far!

I am sure some of you think I have dropped off the earth! But I promise I did not. Monday was full of housework because our niece Tina was going to be here Tuesday on a pass for my birthday. And of course Wednesday was also busy with our mid month shopping. I am about tuckered! LOL! Here is Tina and I at the cemetery where her grandmother on her mom's side is buried. I sure do not like seeing me in pictures! LOL! I am a chubby thing and my poor body is so bent and twisted! But the spirit sure isn't twisted!
Here is Jack and Tina. That darn sun was hot and bright! Liked to have melted us all!
Tina colored this for me. I love it! It means the world to me.

Look at this silly pair! Tina is just plain full of silliness!
And this is my new wedding band that is on the way. I am embarrassed to admit this, but I lost my other one. I really feel bad about it and yes, I did cry about it! I was having a lot of trouble a few years ago with my fingers swelling and I had taken my rings off. Was I careful to put them somewhere safe? NO! I laid them on my side table. I guess it got knocked off into the trash. This style of ring is called a claddagh and is Irish. Perfect since Jack is Irish/Italian. They are traditionally given either as friendship or wedding rings. The hands mean friendship, the heart means love and the crown means loyalty. If you wear it with the heart pointing out it means you are engaged. Facing the other way means you are married. It used to be given with the following words, "With my hands I give you my heart, and crown it with my love." So there is a little history for you! Jack let me pick out and order the ring I wanted and I got a very good deal on this one. It is made with silver which suits me fine and was under sixty dollars which also suits me fine! LOL! If I can get a good deal for little money, you know I will! Oh it will have our names and the date of our marriage inside! That was a freebie!
So that is all for me for now. God bless you all! And to all those who wished me well for my 49th, I thank you. It means a lot to me!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Furniture and family!

This is my Uncle Maurice. He came by the other day to bring an item to us. He was being ornery as can be and is trying so hard to be serious! This is the uncle many of you prayed for who had bladder cancer. He is doing well and is back to many of his activities. Now my brother is waiting for results of a biopsy of tumors in his bladder. Please pray for him that they would be benign.
Well, our old plaid sofa finally bit the dust. It was just plain shot, had holes in the fabric, and was broken down in several places. We found Jack a nice recliner for when his legs are troubling him. It is a used one and is very nice. We bought it from our favorite furniture store in Nevada. Of course Katie had to try it out. Jack looks half asleep while talking on the phone! Oops, diodn't mean to catch him that way.
Here is my new loveseat! Again used and very nice. The fabric looks like it will hold up very well and it is a laz-y-boy brand. A nice chocolate color. All in all we paid 400 dollars for both pieces with interest. We will pay 31 dollars a month until the end of the year and then we will pay off the rest. I think it was a great deal!
Now with a smaller piece of furniture it fits on the wall across from our front windows. Perfect for watching the world including birds and fireflies and the squirrels too! Huggles and God bless until next time. Oh and don't forget to watch the video of the little dog up top. She is so inspiring!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

old buildings, tomatoes and stitching

I have been working on my angel. It is one of those you work forever on just doing a small area. Of course with some of the blue floss on the blue fabric I do have to go slowly!
Here is the first of Jack's quilt squares. He has done a pair of them. The next pair he plans to do the roses in yellow. He is also working on another set of pillowcases. I will show those to you next time.
This is a building in what is called Old Town over in Nevada MO. I just love the way they have restored it and the paint colors they used.
Jack is a happy camper! His cherry tomatoes are starting to get ripe. This tomato plant is nice enough and very healthy, but I really like the tommy toes much better. You get a lot more tomatoes on them. I think next year we will go back to that species. For those who wonder what a tommy toe is, they are now called sweet cherry 100. Not a very interesting name and I prefer the old name thank you very much! LOL!
Be blessed everyone and I hope to get back to Word-filled Wednesday's next week. I have just not been very good at keeping up with anything of late! Got to get my act together!