Friday, December 7, 2018

Back with lots to share!

Let's start off with some of what Michelle is making. I made myself a tam for cold days.

Now I am making several cloche hats for folks. Here are two of them.
I am also sewing crosses I crocheted on our churches linens.
Made a scarf for a friend at church as well.
I have done a few other things as well, but much of my time is spent trying to keep up with the housework and caring for my Jack. We found out his diabetes has caused nerve damage in his feet and legs causing swelling and pain and trouble with balance. When it is bad, he can hardly get around.
Now onto Sylvia nonsense! How she managed to do this is beyond me!
And many naps are needed since it is colder.
W had a skiff of snow last month and maybe more this weekend.

And a beautiful full moon last month also.
We have a darling new neighbor!
These two here love peanuts and screech loudly when they get them. One of these days they will startle me to death!

We also enjoyed a one dillar and seventy cent mum in the apartment for nearly a month.
And Wednesday night we had a special Divine Liturgy for St. Nicholas, our patron saint. A table is put out for children to leave their shoes for him to fill with candy!

So thanks for visiting! Huggles and blessings.