Sunday, November 6, 2016

Just A Short Post!

I am getting very close to finishing the large order of 3 dozen snowmen. 3 more bodies to crochet then 18 to do faces and hats and scarves. Then a couple small orders to finish. I have had about enough of that for awhile! LOL! I am also doing angels for a friend and hearts for another.

While doing our grocery shopping, I saw this interesting cotton yarn on the cheap. I was very curious to see what it would look like worked up so I brought it home! I rather think it is interesting and it will be a trivet for hot things in the kitchen.
I also found these cute cups on the cheap and had to have them!
Also this past week we found this curbside for trash pick up. It was a mirror but will be freshened up and a large cross stitch piece will go there.
We had a lovely moon with one of the planets this past week. This month's full moon will be a super moon!
And a lovely sunset as well.
Here now is Sylvia. She was upset I was not paying enough attention to her, so she threw herself down on the rug!
Then here she is just being her usual self!

Thanks for visiting! Blessings and huggles.


janice15 said...

To many snowmen for me... Lol. Your angel looks lovely and sylvia well thats another story... She is mis priss.. Hehe your a busy lady.. Hoping all is well your way. It was good to visit. Happy Sunday with love Janice

Karyn said...

Oh, Michelle, your crochet angels and hearts are beyond beautiful.
You have been a busy girl, your fingers must be so tired!
I love the new yarn, it's so much fun and will be a fun addition to your kitchen.
What great mugs...perfect for the season!
Sweet Sylvia just cracks me up...spoiled much? Our fur babies warm our hearts and our souls.
Have a great week

Anne said...

Sylvia looks very comfy.

Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage said...

Sylvia looks so silky. I'll bet she is nice to pet. Does she like loving or is she a stand offish kitty?

You've made lots of nice things. I made some tissue holders last week, and I'm making some dishcloths this week for a wedding in December. I'll just add a big bottle of Dawn. Easy peasy and in my budget.

Have a wonderful week my friend.
Please remember to vote and pray.

Maggie Ann said...

Everything is lovely! I love how relaxed our cats are. There is a do cumentary on netflix called 'the lion in your living room' only watched part of it but the title sure is catchy.

PhooliVlog said...

Hello Michelle! Thank you for visiting my little blog again! The hearts and an Angelare all so very pretty I wish I could crocheted too.But i am still happy with my cross stitch ,tapestry work and card'nt it a gift from God to be able at do crafts? The Mirror you found is a real treasure!
But the real treaasure of our hearts is our Savior Jesus Christ.