Sunday, October 29, 2017

Here I Am

Hello my friends. Not a lot to show you as I am just trying to catch up and finish the five dozen snowmen to go out before Christmas! I have two dozen completely done and well onto finishing another dozen this week. Here is one of the batches.
Now onto some fun! We put out shelled peanuts for the squirrels and shelled for the birds. It is entertaining when you can not get out a lot. Here my begonia is growing a tail
Enjoying that peanut!
Sylvia is in lazy mode since it is turning cooler. Cooler weather also means I get lots of cuddles. She will not sit on a lap, but she sometimes puts her chest on my leg.
Thanks for visiting. Jack is feeling a bit stronger today. We stayed home from church as he was having a tough day yesterday. His blood pressure this afternoon was so much better, 117/77. Off to see the doctor tomorrow. Oh and yes, Regina my friend, we do very much love the church we are now attending. Thanks for asking. Huggles and blessings.

Thursday, October 26, 2017

I Will Be Back!

I know I am terribly overdue with a post. I had meant to post last Sunday. However things did not work out that way. Jack and I are attending a new church the last couple Sundays. We have a fellowship time after service. Jack had two TIA's there. I took him to urgent care and he had a small one there also. They told us to head to the ER and I did. They kept him overnight and did lots of tests and such. His blood pressure was sky high and that was the cause. They said that had he ignored the symptoms that most likely a big stroke would have happened within 72 hours.
  Jack's symptoms were pins and needles on the left of his face the first time. The second time his legs grew weak and he could not speak. The third was pins and needles again and weak legs. He is home now but still some weak and tired.
  I will be back with a regular post this weekend. Huggles and blessings.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Snowmen, snowmen and a hat!

Hello and thanks for stopping by. My bag of 2 dozen snowmen is now a box of 45 snowmen! Once I get to sixty, I will start doing their hats and scarves. I will finish the last three dozen after these are done and sent.
I did also manage to finish a cap for another friend. The blue is not really blue it is purple! My camera is confused!
My Jack had his 64th birthday the 1st of the month and I let him pick out a goodie.
I also managed to find a little snowman with his cardinal friend to come home and join the other snowmen.
After a near 90 degree yesterday, it was a lovely misty, hazy 50 degree day today. You can hardly see the mountains for the haze as we were on the way to recycle.
And here are some pretty pictures here in our complex.

This afternoon, Sylvia Joy thought she would sit with me on the sofa. What a silly girl!
Huggles and blessings.

Sunday, October 1, 2017

I Am Back!

I do not have much to show you today but a little. Sorry I was gone so long but I got down with a UTI right after my last post and then Jack was down with his knees for about a week. In the meantime, I got in more orders for crochet items. I have to crochet 7 dozen snowmen, 6 dozen angels, a dozen hearts and three chemo caps. I think that might keep me out of trouble for a bit! here is nearly two dozen little snowmen bodies. I will do all the bodies first.
I also have some snowflakes I am making as well. I love doing snowflakes! This is keeping me happy this weekend.
That is about as crafty as I have been lately! Now here is some silly Sylvia pictures for you to enjoy!

Thanks for visiting. Huggles and blessings.