Thursday, April 11, 2019

Settling in!

This is going to be a long posts of many photos so hang on! Moving day with our wonderful helpers enjoying sweet tea and veggie soup. God has blessed us with wonderful church family so willing to help any and everyone!

 And if you are wondering about Sylvia, she loves the house. Normally she hides and is not herself for several days. This time she shot out of her "safe" room within the hour of us arriving. Here she is enjoying her new kingdom!

 We were blessed with many gifts too. These rockers and also a grill and some furniture for the deck. They had belonged to a church members father and they had to sell his home.

 Another sweet couple at church gave us these lovlies.

I also enjoy most mornings and evenings watching sunsets and sunrise and enjoying the birds and people in the park and my flowers and plants.

 Thank you for visiting! I will be catching up with you all soon. Huggles!