Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Brrrrr! It's cha-willy

Here are the curtains I am doing for our bedroom. The sun ruined most of my green check ones but I was able to salvage a little. I will use it to make a two layer valance that you see here. Believe it or not, the top part was once a bedskirt that was given to me. It wouldn't work for our bed but has been re purposed. I will put white curtains trimmed in green underneath to cover the windows. Let me tell you with all those pleats, the valances are a lot of work but I don't mind.
Here is Jack's dresser scarf. It is, I think, just adorable! It shouldn't take him a lot longer to finish it I think.
I am nearly done with this peace. Working on the last name which is Star of Jacob. It has been fun!
So that is it for me on this cha-willy morning! We need to go and get a special lighter to get the furnace going. Last night got to the mid 40's and they say it will get down to 40 by week's end. Doesn't help also that silly me left my bedroom window opened over my head! LOL! Flannel sheets sure felt good! So God bless and keep you and huggles.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Fall has fell!

Here's Katie! Well at least her snozzle as we call it! LOL!
I am getting so close to being done with this. Just a few more names at the bottom to go!
Jack has finished the doilies and now he is doing the dresser scarf. It has cute little blue birds on it as well as the flowers.
Speaking of flowers, here are the mums Jack bought for beside the porch. Two we got on sale at Sutherland lumber for 2 dollars each. The other 3 were on sale at Rovenstine greenhouse next to a grocery store we shop at. So for less than 15 dollars things have brightened up. Next fall I will add bulbs for earlier color in the year and we still need to mulch.
These are storm clouds rolling in on Monday. It poured buckets but not too much thunder or lightening.
So that is it for me for now. God bless and huggles.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Meet Mr. Chicken & some stitching too

This is where I left off on the rainbow bridge project. Not a lot done but some at least.
I have put down my other cross stitch to do another Names of Jesus one. It is to be a present as well. I am using two different red variegated and a couple solids. I wish the shading showed up better. It is pretty nice.
Now meet Mr. Chicken. Yes, I know it is a baby toader, but this guy gets so freaked out the minute he sees you he, well, you can tell by the picture what happens. Do they make toad size pampers I wonder? I really enjoy seeing him and the one other I have noticed about the yard. We also have a bunsie rabbit living under the shed out back. It's nice to see it nibbling grass and being a bunsie.
So that is my short little post. Thanks for visiting. god bless and huggles.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Friends and Family day

I wanted to share a slide show of friends and family day at church Sunday. It was so wonderful. I will have a video later of the egg toss. It was a riot. We also had Nathan Smith and his dog Whitey who give an interesting take to explaining the gospel. And I will share that video later also. Check out Nathan and his ministry HERE.
So here ya go!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Country drive, cross stitch & Katie

Now what is better than those 3 things? LOL! I had to post on blogger as wordpress will not let me add pictures or do much of anything. I am back to cross stitching on Rainbow Bridge. Yep, I finally went and bought the missing floss.
And here is the angel as I left her. The wings are done and now I am working on the moon behind her.
Here is one of Jack's dollies that he just finished. I like the colors a lot. perfect for the colors in our little home.
This was Katie this afternoon, waiting for dad to come home from a trip to the store. She can see him come up the drive from her vantage point.
Looking down the highway at the prairie near El Do. I think it is quite lovely and I try to imagine what it must have been like 100 years ago.
I can never get the spelling right, so here is the sign.
One last prairie picture. I could spend forever here just looking and enjoying.
We went east on a road not to far north of us called Lake Hill Road on the south edge of Camp Galilee. Well we ended up behind Silverline ranch which is pretty much the largest one in our county. We were greeted by the llamas and enjoyed watching them for a bit.
All in all it was a wonderful ride. We went way east, then north a bit and south back home. Of course we did get us a couple big drinks from sonic first. So that is it for me. God bless and keep you.