Saturday, March 31, 2012

A finish and fun!

I finished this up yesterday.  I like the way it came out.
 And here is the progress on Gathering Eggs.  I really think I need to give the poor girl her head and foot soon.  Looks a bit odd.
 Been working some today on The sunburst Stain Glass piece.
A very sleepy Sylvia Joy today.  If she wasn't running around in the wee hours, mouse in the mouth yowling, maybe she wouldn't be tired.

Blessings and huggles.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Lots of stitchy stuff!

Jack was busy today so his legs were causing him a lot of pain.  The minute Sylvia noticed him on the floor for relief, she had to come down to keep him company.
After I finish the "His Name Is Jesus" piece I will begin this one.  Karen is one of my favorite artist and designers.  I want to work it on this "marble" piece of aida.
 I did start this stain glass piece.  It shouldn't be to hard to do.  I like the colors in it and the fact it is an easy stitch.
 A little bit more progress on "Gathering Eggs".  She will be on hold along with all others until I finish "The Names Of Jesus" piece.  I am so close to done on it.
 Here it is!  I am on the last page and zipping along.  That is why I will stick to it alone now until finished.
 I saved the best for last.  This is Jack's baby quilt.  It will go to friends of ours expecting their firstborn.  The last quilt Jack made will soon go out to a sweet couple who had their second little one after losing the first to brain cancer while she was pregnant with this one.
Hope you enjoyed your visit.  Huggles and blessings.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Kitty fun and stitching fun!

Here is Sylvia last night playing with Mr. Fishy on a Stick.  Pretty acrobatic!
 And stretching in the sun this morning!
I am well into the 3rd page of this piece.  It just goes really fast now that I have made 3 or 4 of them.
 Small progress on my Gathering Eggs piece.  I was feeling a bit headachy Saturday when I was working on it so I didn't get to far.
 I thought you would like to see this.  In the late 1980's I met Miss Emma who had once owned a yarn shop in Louisiana before she moved to Wichita Kansas.  She gave me a huge bag full of crochet threads and numerous books.  This one is from the 1930's and I treasure it.  10 cents doesn't sound like much today for a booklet!  I still think of hjer fondly and she was still crocheting well into her 90's.
Thanks for visiting.  huggles and blessings.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Stitching while it rains

Not a lot done on Gathering Eggs as I needed a bit of a break from it.  But it is getting there.

I have been going to town on His Name Is Jesus.  I am now on the third page.  Hooray!
That is pretty much all I had time to do the last couple days.  It has been hectic here trying to find a car.  It may be a couple months before we can do anything.  Anyway, life goes on.  Huggles and blessings.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Rain, Kittie & Cross Stitch

Da-tah!  Jack has finished his baby quilt!  So cute!
 Here is Jack's next project.  We sorted the thread this evening.
 I have gotten some work done on my gathering eggs project.  I am working on the green on the left side.
 Tonight's game of Mr. Fishy on a Stick.  Sylvia Joy loves playing with her dad and loves her fishy!
 I have gotten quite a bit done on my His Name Is Jesus.
 We are ecpected to have upwards of 8 inches of rain in the next day and it poured earlier tonight.
 Storm clouds moving in.
Thanks for visiting!  Blessings and huggles..

Friday, March 16, 2012

A Finish At Last!

First let me show you what Jack is doing on his project.  He is nearly finished with his baby quilt.  Right now he is working on the little elephant.  Cute!

 And here is Guardian Angel all finished!  Not sure how long it took me as there were a number of times I had to put her away for awhile or didn't get much done on her.  I would say probably around two or three months on her.
Blessings and huggles and thanks for visiting!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Metallic and more Metallic!

So here she is.  I have been working away on the metallic.  The spots on her beige skirt is done and you can see I am going along pretty good on the sash

So that is my short post!  LOL!  I would have had more done but we are without a car now and being new to the area we had to find a place to get a car.  Hopefully we have found one that will help us out.  We will know when I get paid next week.  So blessings and huggles for now!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Still kicking and stitching!

Been working a bit on Gathering eggs.  I am working just above her sleeve.

 And I have decided since I am so close to being finished on my angel, I will stick to doing her until she is done.  I was asked about why I didn't do her on evenweave and if I have worked on evenweave.  I have worked on it and do enjoy it greatly, however, I generally buy my supplies on sale or clearance since we are on a fixed income.  There fore I have to work with whatever I have on hand and rarely am able to buy special needed items.

 The Names of Jesus piece is onto the second page now.  It is a small page so it won't take long at all.  I find the more of them I do the faster they go.

 Tonight this was my beloved Jack on the floor trying to get relief for his legs.  Often Sylvia is taking care of him staying nearby as she is here.  She will often get close to him and lay on her side as if imitating Jack.  They often play with the fish on a stick too.
Thanks for visiting me!  My thyroid biopsy was not much fun but I am feeling less discomfort every day.  I am praying and believing I will get good results Friday next week.  Huggles.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Not a lot of stitching, but lots of fun!

After the game of Fishy on a sticky, this was Sylvia and...

Nothing like snoozing in the big bed!

Here is the little bit of gathering eggs that I worked on tonight.

Wanted to show you this.  I started it in the mid 1980's and Jack finished it.  It hangs in our kitchen.

Plenty done on this piece!

Again, I will get my post fixed ASAP.  Right now I am going thru issues with my thyroid and have to have a biopsy done tomorrow.  So running to the doctor's office is keeping us busy and tired.  Add to it the issues my husband is having with his blood pressure running sky high.  I will pray for you and you pray for me too please.  Huggles and blessings.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Blog issues

I have had an issue with my blog and pictures are not showing up clear back into Feb..  I have restored the last post I made but it will take time to restore the rest so bear with me.  Huggles.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Not enough stitching around here!

Here is our girl!

Just window sitting.

Now where did that fish go?

Forget making the bed, I need a nap!

And on to the stitching.  Not a lot has been done with all the doctors appointments but here we go!  This is a piece I found when straightening up our craft dresser.  I would like to get her framed for our churches silent auction if I can.  We shall see.

And here is my progress on The Names Of Jesus

And guardian Angel.

Can’t forget Gathering Eggs.

And now for a last laugh!  I had planned on baking some bread but when your sweetheart of 32 years ask you to lunch, what is a girl to do!  LOL!  She goes with him and then comes home with a stuffed chicken!

God bless and huggles!