Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Word-filled Wednesday

I wanted to get back to Word-filled Wednesdays. I never plan ahead of time what to use, I just do whatever is laid upon my heart that feels right. I love the words of God found in the Bible. At church I always take notes so I can read the lessons taught about them again as needed. No matter how many times I read the same lesson, the same scripture, it is always sweetness to my soul. I hope it blesses you!

Monday, July 30, 2007

Sleeping Beauties?

I felt pretty rough all weekend. I seldom if ever lay down in the afternoons but Sunday I just felt so awful I had to. Of course Katie had to accompany me and Jack turned the tables on me. I am usually the one being sneaky with the camera! It is funny though! What a pair of dreamers! LOL! I look like an old grumpy puss! Hee, hee! I still want to know how he sneaked up on me with a bum leg? I must have been dead to the world! So smile everyone!

Friday, July 27, 2007

Surprises, curtains and stitching!

First, I am sorry that this has so many photos. Sorry if it takes a bit to load up! Let's start with stitching. Just look at the progress Jack is making on his quilt! The stuffed animals are starting to come to life!
He is very near the halfway point! It is so lovely!
Here is one of my projects, my sampler. First the overall aspect.
Now the area where I have been working. I am VERY near the halfway point! The slanted gobelin stitch for the clapboards is about to drive me nuts! I have done the stitch before when needle pointing but not on even weave. Nearly makes me cross eyed! See my funky "chicken" birds? that is what I call them. Silly looking things!
I hesitated showing you a pic of our den. that is why it wasn't in the slideshow. It is still a mess and a work in progress. I so love the view of the backyard from here with all the trees and grass, birds and such.
Now some things that were given to us by my aunt and uncle. They will be 79 in November just a few days apart and just celebrated 60 years of marriage! WOW! They are moving to a condo in Colorado to be near one daughter and the grandkids. My uncle has emphysema and the humidity in the summer here and mowing makes it really tough on him. I will miss them! Anyway they gave us some things that I really appreciate. First my little basket full of silk flowers and a little bird.
This picture belonged to my uncles grandmother and I am so honored they gave it to us. It is very, very old! We were also given some kitchen serving items, my grandmothers old jewelery box and her costume jewelery which is worth a million to me!
My aunt's philodendron and he is pretty old to and so lovely. I hope he will be happy here.
And yes I got some curtains made. One for the utility room door. I thought some other color with blue in it would be nice. Trying not to overdo the blue!
My bedroom window curtains. i barely had enough of this fabric to make them! Therefore they don't have much gather to them but pretty anyway. Oh, see the funny patch above the window? That is a test failure. They painted over wallpaper border and we tested to see if it could be removed. It can't, so we will have to repair loose spots, and Spackle and all that good stuff! UGGGHHH!
So there it is. My week thus far. Sorry this post is so long and I hope it didn't bore you to death. Now on to make a lace curtain for the kitchen window! BYE!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Home Sweet home!

For those who asked! And for my Groovy friend who had a fit, kicked and screamed and DEMANDED pics, here they are! LOL! Just kidding Groovy! But I know you would like to see the house with our stuff in it. Since I took these pics, I have finished curtains for the bedroom. It was hard finding a piece of fabric the right size for them but I found some blue plaid that worked. Those pairs of windows are narrow but are 69 inches wide! Now to make a curtain for the laundry room door and some lace ones for the bottem half of the kitchen windows. Did you notice the loaves of zuchinni bread in the kitchen? Please come have some with us and I will make sweet tea to go with it! Huggles!

Sunday, July 22, 2007


Poor Katie! Look what Jack did to her today. Made ya smile! God bless and have a great evening!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Time for a visit!

Here is the Sheik of El Do mowing his yard! LOL! Hey, the wet towel keeps him cool so whatever but it looks funny!
Now here is the way to spend a hot day!
Jack is coming along nicely on his baby quilt! And I managed to get a little done on my sampler!

Here is a video of katie battling that evil monster that lives in the closet! You know, the one that terrifies kids at night! Sorry it is a little dark but you can sure hear her nose hitting the door!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Back online!

Well we are all moved in at last and back online! We had trouble getting the phone and internet set up and going but at last it is done! I will be doing a REAL post tomorrow or Friday and share some updates and other things with you. I hope to get back to reading all my favorite blogs by tomorrow once I get caught up on some e mails and other stuff! See you again soon!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Come visit El Do!

I want to leave you with some websites about my little hometown while I am busy moving. See you next week! El Do had been getting really rundown and it seemed like people just didn't care much about the town anymore which was really sad! Well, I am pleased to say that now people ARE taking pride and there is a great movement to fix it up and make it a little gem again. They are very busily revitalizing downtown and now businesses are rethinking moving into downtown rather than leaving! Hooray! We have concerts in the park every summer and have for many, many years. We have a picnic downtown each year and just lots of things. My family was born there for generations even before there was a town! So here are some links for you!
info on El Do
info on El Do

Friday, July 6, 2007

So sorry I haven't posted much or been reading blogs much. It has just been so busy with us moving. I really tried to keep up with my reading but I am plum tuckered by days end! It is humid and hot even though we are taking our load of boxes in the mornings early. Tomorrow is time for laundry. Sunday will be our last service at the little church down the alley. Kinda sad about that! However, we will be attending our little country church in El Do which is a great deal like the church here. On Sundays the weather doesn't allow us to travel out there, we will attend the church my cousin pastors not far from us. Packing is all done except for my good glasses in the kitchen. We should only have a big box and our furniture on Thursday the 12th when we have the moving truck. I will be offline from the 12th until about the 17th or so. The sooner the better. I am going to try and post an update of Jack's stitching before then. i haven't touched mine this week at all. So that is it for now!

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

To encourage me and you!

Remind Me, God
When I am feeling lonely and
Perhaps I feel despair,
Let not my ailing heart forget
That You hear every prayer. . .

Remind me that no matter what
I do or fail to do,
There still is hope for as long
As I have Faith in You. . .

Let not my eyes be blinded
By some folly I commit;
But help me to regret my wrong
And make amends for it.

Inspire me to put my fears
Upon a hidden shelf,
And in the future
Try not to feel sorry for myself.

Give me the restful sleep I need
Before another dawn,
And bless me in the morning with
"The Courage To Go On."

Written by:
BJ Morbitzer©2005

Thanks Archie

Seek The Blessing

When you rise every day to seek God and
pray or when you keep the night watch
'neath the stars, Make yourself the Lord's
servant...ready for His bidding and He will
find you wherever you are.

And when you come before Him to praise &
adore Him -declare yourself as His servant
of grace. Then watch as the angels pull back
the curtains of heaven and God's light
shines a beam on your face.

When you stand in His presence to quietly
worship and find the mercy that only He fills,
Tap into His glory...till you're broken and
crying for His presence and His perfect will.

Draw yourself away from the noise of the day
...from the clatter and the world's constant
demands. Humble yourself and ask God if you
can bless Him with a gift from your heart or
your hands.

Take a moment to remind yourself this life is
but a vapor and much of it is just chasing the
wind. Re-align yourself and offer God your
agenda so you can go when He calls you again.

When you come into God's presence, let Him
take you and mold you until your desires and
His come and meet, And the blessing you ask
for & seek with a passion is the one you can
lay at His feet.

© Sheila Gosney
Thanks Mags

Jesus, the Perfect God-Man
READ | John 20:30-31

A person's attitude toward Jesus Christ tends to fall into one of three categories. First, some people don't believe He's God. They reject, ignore, or diminish His character and lifesaving work, claiming He was simply a "good" person. Second, others may intellectually acknowledge Jesus is God's Son but have no personal relationship with Him. Third, His true followers believe in their heart that Christ is Savior. As a result of genuine faith, believers become part of His family.

Ephesians 2:1-2 says that before salvation, we're spiritually dead. During this time, we live according to our sin nature. Those who don't have a personal relationship with Jesus remain in that state. But when someone places faith in Him, spiritual birth takes place. Then, he's made alive in Christ and becomes a new creation. The new believer no longer lives according to the "flesh."

Our position in the Lord affects everything about us, including our attitudes, emotions, conversation, and conduct. The culture's ungodliness no longer fits our character. As believers, we're to grow in Christlikeness. We're to embrace ideas, thought patterns, and activities which are pleasing to God, while rejecting all others.

Jesus willingly took our sins upon Himself. He experienced divine wrath in our place. God accepted His death as full payment for our sins. Ephesians 1:20 says the Lord raised Jesus from the dead to a position of divine glory. His Spirit now lives within us. Understand who Jesus Christ is. Let that knowledge strengthen your commitment to be like Him.

Charles Stanley

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XEven though you can't see Him, GOD is there!O




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A man may go to heaven......
without health, without wealth;
without fame, without a great name;
without learning, without earnings;
without culture, without beauty;
without friends and without ten thousand other things-----
But he can NEVER go to Heaven without Christ.

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Our new house

Well we have rented a different house! Thought we would never make it there with all the flooding. We had to detour and what would normally be an 80 mile round trip became 145 miles! The first picture shows the detour road almost covered and it was when we returned so we had to go way far south and then back west and north to get back to Fort Scott. Thank heavens the rain has stopped at least for now! The house is smaller than what we are in now but it is big enough for the 3 of us. It has central heat, a nice size window AC that will cool the whole house, an attic fan and double paned windows. Jack will have a little place out back to putter and I will have lots of raised flower beds to get my hands dirty in. I think the kitchen is so cute! It has a very nice size utility room with plenty of extra storage and large closets in both bedrooms. The bedrooms are kinda small but we neither one mind at all. All I do is sleep in there anyway! We are renting it from folks I have known all my life and went to church with when we lived there. So I feel very comfortable renting from them. Oh and one last thing! It has an ice maker! Yippee! I love having those! All this for 200 dollars less a month. Okay this really is the last thing. Some have wondered why we finally decided to move after putting up with the leaks so long. So here it is. All this time our landlord has been calling us jinxs because of all the stuff that has happened with the house. Friday when he put the tarps on the roof, he said "How much money would it take to make you people move?" that was the last straw! So we will be moved in time for my birthday the 15th!