Sunday, August 28, 2016

Take Three!

This try three of posting. First my camera batteries died just as I was trying to get them. Then I got busy and forgot to post so here we go again! Been working on a shawl with the yarn I was testing the afghan strips with.
This weekend I made a hat for Jack's cousin.
An infinity scarf for his wife, Judy. I already made a shawl for Jack's mom in the same black tweed but forgot to take a picture. Jack's cousin and his wife have Jack's mom living with them and care for her. She is 80 now and broke her ankle badly last year.
Jack is working on quilt squares which will be made into a topper for the coffee table.
And now time for the Silly Sylvia show!

Thanks for visiting. Huggles and blessings.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

This weeks projects

First here is the grape doily with it's white bits lightly colored.

And this week I am working on my tablecloth. It's hard to show it. I got tired of working in circles and started doing rows instead.
And I spent a couple days figuring out this pattern. While it is not a hard pattern, it had mistakes in the directions that made it troublesome. Finally got it figured out and off I go. You do two set up motifs and thereafter it is a repeat of a 5 row third motif until it is the length you like. It is made in strips. Now to determine the amount of yarn needed for each strip in the size I desire.
Now we bring you today's Sylvia morning antics!

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Sunday, August 14, 2016

Two, yes two, finishes!

So, I finished my grape doily at last. This picture is before I tucked in ends and colored the white bits. It is now on the washer drying and, of course, the grapes are taking a while!
And I finished the shawl and shall be mailing it out this upcoming week to it's owner. I do love how very soft the caron simply light yarn is!

And now look at this patience!!! Jack insists on saving this for me. It was given to me along with several other skeins by a dear sweet friend. It was the favorite thread of my favorite designer Elizabeth Hiddleson also. I do not get very far on such things before I be way to annoyed to continue!
 Fancy some kitty piggers?
Here she is watching some folks wrestle and capture nuisense alligators.
And just being Sylvia Joy!

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Sunday, August 7, 2016

Some Crochet Updates and Jack's Stitching

Been a busy week but still plenty of time for hobbies! Jack is working on some quilt squares to make a tabletopper for the coffee table. Leaves and bleeding heart flowers is what it is.
I have an order for a shawl in a lovely cream color. The yarn is so very soft and nice to work with.
I also have been doing some of the leaves on the grape doily. Pretty close to being done with it too. I will finish coloring the white bits on the grapes when I am all finished. That white drives me nuts!
And as if I do not have enough going, this big filet crochet project caught my eye. Just have to do it! It is a different type of filet where you do the center bit first and then work around it. Most filet is worked bottom up.
And here is our Sylvia. She has been a very silly girl and in quite a humerous mood of late.

Thanks for visiting. huggles and blessings.