Thursday, July 19, 2018

I was missing again but now back!

Missing in action again! Sick with yet another sinus infection! I have had one every month save June since November! I will be getting an anti-pollution mask to wear when I am out so hoping that helps. Smoke, some smells and pollen really get me!
But let us get on to the fun stuff! Since Sylvia has been in hot days hibernation I have not gotten many pictures of her so we will start with my girl first! Here she is helping mom on the computer.

She often loves a taste of coconut milk after I have my morning cereal. She then gets milk chin!
Our little squirrel friend came for a visit!
We have been blessed with more rain than usual this summer but it is so hot!
Now on to the crafty stuff! Finished up two dozen crosses for an order. Need to stiffen them!
And working on a cross tablecover for another order.

Also working on hearts for an order.
Sometimes I even take time to work on my top! It is coming along slowly but now I am working on the bodice and will soon be down to the underarm area.

So thanks for visiting! Huggles and blessings.

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Time to share some things!

I am sure you wonder where I have been. Well, I was working like a madwoman to fonosh the angels and I did it! They are heading our Friday.

So now I am working on crosses.
And finished a scarf/shoulder wrap to send out.
Also have been ironing some doilies that really needed it.

Managed also to make some fridge pickles with tomatoes.
So come take a little walk with me around the complex on my way to get the mail. Then we will finish up our visit.

My nearly every morning visitor.
And my flowers are looking good!

Found some bargains at Hobby Lobby! I bought five spools of the crochet thread for the cost of one!

Jack got some brackets for a shelf to set my Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls on too.
So that is what we have been up too. Thanks for visiting Huggles and blessings!