Friday, July 5, 2019

Better late than never!

Well, I did mean to post last week but life got in the way as usual! I had two teeth taken out the 21st which wasn't bad but the antibiotics really got to me. So here I am late but here! We had some terrible storms the 15th and 16th of June. We lost a few limbs Saturday night and whilst in church a horrible storm hit but we kept right on worshiping! It sounded as if the building would blow apart! When we were in fellowship after church that this had happened. The wind blew limbs into the fence around our home, flooded the yard and brought down a large oak behind the house and damaged a lot of the trees including a couple at the church across the street from us.

We also had some beautiful sunsets!

And Jack got me two early birthday presents. The little recliner is in the hobby room as I am sure you can tell. It is so comfy and just my size!
He also got me a Russian Orthodox cross I had been wanting.
This week we were able to finally buy some decent living room furniture and get rid of the old sofa. This new set sits up a bit higher making it easier for Jack to get up and down yet I am also still comfy! Sylvia Joy has claimed her favorite spot! Both pieces were in the clearance area and we got them both for the price of the sofa had it not been on sale.

Jack also hung my curtains for me in the dining room. Next is the big window in the living room and the downstairs windows will all have their curtains. And we got colors approved for the inside so we are preparing to paint!
As for crocheting, I am working on a cross tabletopper in cream for someone.
And about to finish up angels for someone else. I also am doing an afghan but she wants it to be a secret and even she does not want to know the pattern until finished so that must wait!
As always, Sylvia is loving her naps!
So thanks for visiting. huggles and blessings.

Thursday, June 13, 2019

June doings in my world!

Well hello again! The first week of this month was miserable as I had an abscess in a tooth. I did feel well enough after a few days of antibiotics to enjoy a special meal for our 39th anniversary the sixth. I will begin the process of having the last 9 teeth pulled the 21st of this month. Here is me all miserable. I still felt pretty rough when our priest and his dear wife blessed our house the fourth but it was enjoyable and we had a simple lunch here at the house together. Here I am looking much like a chipmunk. I could not even smile because of the swelling!
This is me with my grandfather's violin from the 1910's. I have wanted a good home for it for years since I have no family to leave it too. It went with Father John and KH. Marilyn to North Carolina and will have a wonderful home with their grandson!
What have I been doing crafty wise? Well, I have finished the piece for KH. Marilyn and Jack will be framing it hopefully before they return home this weekend.
And I am working on a tank top to wear as a cover up. It is a pretty simple fun project from Interweave Crochet.
Jack used a gift card and got Sylvia a tree for upstairs. She loves it so much she was trying it out early while it was still in the box!

Our dining room is all finished save for curtains. Jack will hang them when he is having a good day. I can wait!

Oh, enjoy a picture of tone of the gum trees in our front yard.
Jack surprised me with this darling little recliner this week for my early 60th birthday next month. Such a sweetie! Now I have a comfy chair in the craft room for crocheting and sewing!
So thank you so much for visiting. I will see you soon! Huggles and blessings.

Monday, May 27, 2019

Back again!

Once again much time has passed between posts. My Jack has been pretty unwell with anemia since March. He is just now beginning to get better with a very high dose of prescription iron. He is also having quite a time of falling. He fell twice within a week and falls nearly every week at least once due to balance issues. The worst fall left him with a nasty wound on his elbow that we are still working on getting healed up.
And we have had so much rain it is just not funny! Fort smith south of us is having a terrible time of it and Oklahoma is also. Terrible! Our yard was flooded some out front from one down pour.
We were pretty chilly quite a bit here and enjoyed occasional fires in the fireplace until well into April.
Morning hot tea was so very nice on those chilly morns!
Sylvia was quite dismayed about her tree being in the kitchen so it has moved to the living room and the queen is happy now! She was trying to put the guilt trip on me in the kitchen before I moved her tree.
She is, however, quite happy with her afternoon sunbathing.

And happy also with the new mice her dad bought her. Jack, however, is not happy with the crack of dawn serenades as she brings her mouse to bed to play with.
We had a chilly and rainy day last week and this little guy sheltered on our deck until the next morning.
Jack surprised me with some lovely flowers one day!
And we added a pot of impatiens to the deck.
And I must not forget my lovely model showing off a tiny cross I made! It wore her out so a nap was in order afterwards!

I am also nearly finished with a small section of a prayer by Saint Patrick for our Priest's wife. I have enjoyed doing it so much!
I even have managed to squeeze in some work on an afghan. I am close to done with it and eager to get it done!
Thank you for visiting! Now that Jack is getting better, I hope to post every other week! Huggles and blessings.

Thursday, April 11, 2019

Settling in!

This is going to be a long posts of many photos so hang on! Moving day with our wonderful helpers enjoying sweet tea and veggie soup. God has blessed us with wonderful church family so willing to help any and everyone!

 And if you are wondering about Sylvia, she loves the house. Normally she hides and is not herself for several days. This time she shot out of her "safe" room within the hour of us arriving. Here she is enjoying her new kingdom!

 We were blessed with many gifts too. These rockers and also a grill and some furniture for the deck. They had belonged to a church members father and they had to sell his home.

 Another sweet couple at church gave us these lovlies.

I also enjoy most mornings and evenings watching sunsets and sunrise and enjoying the birds and people in the park and my flowers and plants.

 Thank you for visiting! I will be catching up with you all soon. Huggles!