Thursday, April 11, 2019

Settling in!

This is going to be a long posts of many photos so hang on! Moving day with our wonderful helpers enjoying sweet tea and veggie soup. God has blessed us with wonderful church family so willing to help any and everyone!

 And if you are wondering about Sylvia, she loves the house. Normally she hides and is not herself for several days. This time she shot out of her "safe" room within the hour of us arriving. Here she is enjoying her new kingdom!

 We were blessed with many gifts too. These rockers and also a grill and some furniture for the deck. They had belonged to a church members father and they had to sell his home.

 Another sweet couple at church gave us these lovlies.

I also enjoy most mornings and evenings watching sunsets and sunrise and enjoying the birds and people in the park and my flowers and plants.

 Thank you for visiting! I will be catching up with you all soon. Huggles!

Friday, March 15, 2019


We are busy moving into the house owned by our church so I will be missing for awhile. Several men will move the furniture on the 23rd. Jack will be caring for the grounds of the church and house so that will give him something to do. And this is also a very busy time with lots of church services as we head toward Pascha (Easter) the end of April and have a visit the first part of the month from our Bishop. Plus I am trying to get linens done as soon as possible. Getting closer! Of course I just had to get under the weather today! LOL! Not to bad but miserable and no energy. I leave you with a picture of the house with our church in the background!
Blessings and huggles.

Sunday, March 3, 2019

Long Time No See and a finish

Sorry I have been gone so long. We have been under a lot of stress in finding a different place to live. One without a long walk to the car and no stairs to navigate outside. It is not safe for jack when they are ice or snow covered. We think we will be getting a place soon so please pray! All the apartments here have long waiting lists, sometimes 8 or 9 people waiting for an apartment that may take several months for one to open up.
Now enough of that! On to some fun! I have two finishes to share. I finished up the Names of Jesus piece. it will be going out soon.
And today I finished up my afghan. It will be going out soon also. Again, it is called Rings of Change.

So I really thought I needed to start another shawl. Sylvia steals my other one quite often! Can not remember the pattern name right now. It is from an Interweave Crochet magazine though.

I also got a new book at our church bookstore. Looks to be interesting and we will be reading it together in the Ladies monthly meeting at church.
I am right now crocheting on some hearts and crosses for two dear sisters who are my facebook friends.
Got stared down by one of my squirrels wanting peanuts. Yep, I gave in and gave her some.
And here is Sylvia having a nap for you to smile at!

Thanks for visiting! Huggles and blessings.

Thursday, January 17, 2019

At Last!

Well let's see if this works today! I am working on a scarf for Jack. Since this picture I have finished nearly all the stitching save a quarter of the last row.
I also have started a baby blanket. Trying to use up some bits and bobs.
I do not believe I shared this yet, so if I did forgive me. This is a baby blanket jack made for a new baby at church.
I have been doing some coloring as well with the set of gel pens Jack got for me. I really ;ove those gel pens too. Such fun!

Jack also brought me home a batch of what they call crazy daisies and I love them! I have another sinus infection and he thought they would cheer me. That they did and they are still going strong a week on.
Our poinsettia we bought in December is also still going strong!
 Our treat in December was baklava our church ladies make and sell every year. Oh my so good!
I thought you would enjoy this picture of the fiery touch of the sunset the other day on one of the trees here too.
And what of Sylvia you ask? well she is helping mom sew the crosses on the church linens.
And taking lots and lots of winter naps.
So thanks for visiting. I hope to not be so long posting next time! Huggles and blessings.

Friday, December 7, 2018

Back with lots to share!

Let's start off with some of what Michelle is making. I made myself a tam for cold days.

Now I am making several cloche hats for folks. Here are two of them.
I am also sewing crosses I crocheted on our churches linens.
Made a scarf for a friend at church as well.
I have done a few other things as well, but much of my time is spent trying to keep up with the housework and caring for my Jack. We found out his diabetes has caused nerve damage in his feet and legs causing swelling and pain and trouble with balance. When it is bad, he can hardly get around.
Now onto Sylvia nonsense! How she managed to do this is beyond me!
And many naps are needed since it is colder.
W had a skiff of snow last month and maybe more this weekend.

And a beautiful full moon last month also.
We have a darling new neighbor!
These two here love peanuts and screech loudly when they get them. One of these days they will startle me to death!

We also enjoyed a one dillar and seventy cent mum in the apartment for nearly a month.
And Wednesday night we had a special Divine Liturgy for St. Nicholas, our patron saint. A table is put out for children to leave their shoes for him to fill with candy!

So thanks for visiting! Huggles and blessings.