Tuesday, November 15, 2022

A quick update

 In August Jack was admitted and transferred to a larger hospital. He was treated for a fib and released a couple days later.

Now Saturday last he fell landing on his knees. We went to the er Sunday morning just to make sure nothing was broken. Came home and it seemed he would be okay. That evening I could no longer get him up, hurting my back. He also spiked a fever so an ambulance was called and here we our. Now waiting for a room to open for transfer to Mercy in Joplin. Fluid has been removed from both knees and one seems to be infected. He has had several doses of antibiotics. He can not stand or walk and needs an orthopedic doctor to perhaps clean out the infection in the knees. We are in for a long haul. I brought up his needlework to keep him busy.

That in a nutshell is the craziness here. I will share the good things next time and updates.

Tuesday, July 12, 2022

Update, update, update!

Well it has been quite the month! We signed our lease on the first and got our key. It feels so strange to be in an apartment that is laid out just like my Grandmother's was. We have a sweet lady and her puppers next door. Looking forward to getting to know her better.

It has been terribly hot so we have been going early mornings with boxes and small things to try and beat the worst of the heat.Today was very nice with temp of 68 and some much needed rain on the way home. Last week and some of this week will see heat indexes into the 100's.Ugh!

Jack did have a fall and messed up his left hand but it is getting better, just swelling in the fingers to get better now. We will load and take furniture Saturday. There isn't much furniture to take thankfully! we really got rid of a lot. Let's see, we got rid of two desks, our dining table, an easy chair,a bookcase, two end tables and four loads in the car of small things. Our priest, Father Michael, took our little chest freezer and was very happy to have it!!!


Here are some pictures of our sweet little home! Oh and I love the refrigerator! It is much nicer than the one in the old apartment and bigger! We kept a bookcase to use as a pantry next to the fridge.

Thanks for visiting. Huggles and blessings!

Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Moving in July

 We have found a little one bedroom apartment in a farming community not far from Joplin. My father lived there for a few years until his passing in 2001. It's a really nice town and will put us closer to my brother as well. The rent is just over five hundred dollars. We received just enough help to pay the deposit and some of the first month's rent. Friends at church are paying for the moving truck and we will have friends from church loading the truck.

Such a blessing and we are looking forward to this new chapter. We, of course, have had to have a huge purge and some furniture will be donated to the DAV next week. Thankful for prayers too! They have helped everything fall into place. Quite honestly we could not have paid what the rent would be here. What we have been paying is a huge enough burden.

Friday, June 3, 2022

We need help!

 We are facing a very bad situation in November. Last year our rent went up 45 dollars to nearly eight hundred dollars a month. Yesterday we were notified it will go up 124 dollars more when our lease renews! That  is nearly 900 dollars a month. It will take all my check and some of Jack's  leaving us hard pressed to pay the electric bill and the three medicines we pay for let alone groceries and gas. We are trying to get a smaller place in a smaller town that will run us under six hundred a month. I know times are hard for us all but if you can help, bless you! Below is the link if you can help in any way!

Michelle's emergency moving fund

Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Looking for me?

 With life as it is right now, I simply do not have time or energy to post here on Blogger. I do however make small posts on Instagram. Just look up michelleozarkcrafter! Love to all and I will return to reading blogs soon!

Saturday, September 25, 2021

Been a rough month

 Thought I should check in before the month is gone. It's been one of those months! Computer acted up and it took a couple days of fiddling for me to get it righted. Then my sewing machine started acting up and I am trying to finish a charity project using some very nice and expensive fabric! I have two of the three colors done but my machine this last act up nearly tore the fabric! Then I saw someone pt a small dent and a scratch to bare metal on the driver door of the car. I thought that was the worse of it but no!!!!

Early Thursday morning around three thirty I was woke up by a horrible crash and a loud cry of pain from my Jack. I found him in the bathroom, blood everywhere in the shower! He had fallen trying to use the toilet and landed in the shower hitting his face on the shower chair! The shower is right across from the toilet and it is a small bathroom. He was bleeding so badly I called for an ambulance. The next couple hours was spent in the E.R. He did damage to his nose cracking it a bit but the worse was an inch plus laceration that nearly went thru his lip. It took three internal stitches and four external to sew it up. Needless to say, he is also very sore and has a scuffed knee as well.


Now for the blessings of this month! Money has been sent to buy Jack a walker. I have found him a nice one with a seat and storage in the seat for under eighty dollars. And I am supposed to have a heavy duty singer machine here Tuesday from another friend. She wanted to buy it for me and I will pay here the money Jack was going to put in savings for me to get a new machine.

We have managed some crafting. One project I can not show you but here are some other things.

This is Jack's latest baby quilt

 I finished up some towel holders and got those sent off.

Also finished another cross table topper.

I also have orders for three of these prayers.

And of course Bozz is being Bozz!

Thanks for visiting! Blessings and huggles.

Friday, August 13, 2021

Let's try this again!

 I have been gone to long again. Just a lot of health issues and such. Just getting over some nasty sinus stuff myself and now Jack is sick as well. But I am going to try this blogging again!

Bozz is doing very well and loves his apartment. As time goes on he becomes more and more affectionate and sweet. He rarely has anxiety anymore even.

Jack is still managing to work on his stitching as well. He is working on a mother goose baby quilt right now.

I am keeping busy with crochet orders, a little tatting and sewing is waiting for me. I need to get to it soon.

I have quite a few plants now. Just the day before I rescued a philodendron and aloe plant being left at the dumpster. They joined the other greenery!

 Lastly,meet our priest and his precious wife. Father Michael and Barbara could use prayers as Father Michael is ill. We also just got an actual church building so no more garage for worship for us!

I will say good bye for now. Also say a little prayer for my Jack. Walking is getting more difficult and he falls a lot more than he should. Also for me that I can keep my health just enough to do what I have to do around here. Huggles and blessings.

Friday, January 22, 2021

Back and getting better!

 I meant to post earlier this week! However, Monday was laundry day and that took it out of me and Tuesday and Wednesday workers were here putting in a new furnace, and then it was time for groceries! Now things have slowed down! Thanks for all the love and prayers. We are much better and well. However the fatigue has not gone away but is getting better. Now, let's talk about more fun things!!!

I am nearly finished with Jack's pretty blue and gray afghan.

And this weekend I am finishing up this afghan for a friend of my brother. She is very good to him and helps him a lot!

I also have some tassels to add to bookmarks and will get that done and mailed next week. So I am keeping busy when my body is tired! Jack is about to finish up a baby quilt but I forgot to take pictures. I will share those next time.

Now for some silliness from Bozz!

Thanks for visiting! Blessings and huggles from our home to yours!