Friday, January 22, 2021

Back and getting better!

 I meant to post earlier this week! However, Monday was laundry day and that took it out of me and Tuesday and Wednesday workers were here putting in a new furnace, and then it was time for groceries! Now things have slowed down! Thanks for all the love and prayers. We are much better and well. However the fatigue has not gone away but is getting better. Now, let's talk about more fun things!!!

I am nearly finished with Jack's pretty blue and gray afghan.

And this weekend I am finishing up this afghan for a friend of my brother. She is very good to him and helps him a lot!

I also have some tassels to add to bookmarks and will get that done and mailed next week. So I am keeping busy when my body is tired! Jack is about to finish up a baby quilt but I forgot to take pictures. I will share those next time.

Now for some silliness from Bozz!

Thanks for visiting! Blessings and huggles from our home to yours!

Saturday, January 9, 2021

We have covid

 Friends, Jack and I are ill with the covid. Having some rough days so it will be some time before I post or visit all of you. We are a few days along on this journey so praying soon it will pass! Blessings.

Thursday, December 17, 2020

Still here!

 My friends I apologize for not reading posts or posting for so long. Jack and I were both very ill after the move. Then my brother had surgery on his other hand right before thanksgiving. We did have much fun celebrating thanksgiving for two days. My brother was here also the first part of the month to have stitches removed. It was then that Bozz finally decided Uncle Mike is all right!

And how is Bozz doing you ask? Well he has lots of squirrels here that keep him quite busy!

We love it here and have new owners who are really fixing the place up. They are doing major work on empty apartments and raising the rent very little. They will redo the parking lots and drives, repaint and repair buildings and I do not know what else! Here are a few pictures of our little home!


There is still plenty to do as Jack is really struggling with the anemia and has very limited energy. He is quite happy here though. We had to abandon some things in Arkansas including my plants and Jack blessed me with two new Christmas cactus.

So that is all I have for now! Thanks for visiting and God bless!

Thursday, October 29, 2020

Tired but accomplished much!

 Just a quick pop in. Nearly finished with packing, just the last minute things to pack such as clothes and a small amount of kitchen stuff needed. We had a scare on a Monday night at bedtime though on the 19th. Jack was taking the hand truck up to bring things down the next day. He got to the top of the stairs where the carpet becomes tile and slipped and fell. By the grace of God, I had gone off the stairs to reset the humidifier or that hand truck would have hit me in the head. Also Jack fell forward and not down the stairs. I really believe our guardian angels spared us! Jack's glasses broke, cutting his forehead so we were off in the fog and rain to the hospital. They patched him up after a cat scan and all and we were home by midnight.

The night of the fall.

On the 23rd it looked worse but all is healing very well now.

Please pray for us if you will. Jack has limited energy from chronic anemia and balance issues also. I have my own health issues but do as much as I can to spare my beloved Jack. The movers are here the 11th of November. We do have some pieces of furniture to bring down but not much. It does worry me though but we will take our time. It costs extra funds for them to bring it down that we do not have. Huggles and blessings!

Monday, October 5, 2020

A Quick update!

My apologies for being gone for so long and not reading blogs! A lot going on here. Jack is in pain much of the time and often has to crawl up the stairs instead of walking. Allergies are making me miserable too! Much more to tell you in a bit. I had a great time at my brother's for my birthday. We laughed and talked and had a wonderful lunch! He gave me a picture of our mom and pictures he had made of Bozz.

Louie enjoying the bed we gave the kitties.
My birthday present.
My mom Joy.
Me loving Flower.

Cuddles with Fuddles
Jack and Fuddles
My brother Mike.
Fuddle riding Jack's leg
Fancy in the window.

Bozz is doing great and loving life with us. He is a nut and a never ending source of laughs. He loves to tip over glasses and has made several messes doing so, also managed to fall in the toilet once. It is always something with him!


Now for the big news! We found out our Priest will be retiring any time now but it may be a couple years, maybe not. And the house will be used for the new priest. So rather than waiting to move, with our health and all we are moving now. Next month to be precise. 

Now for the really big news! We are moving back to Missouri.Got a ground floor two bed two bath apartment in Joplin close to Webb City. My brother's health is not good and often he has to come to Joplin for surgeries and such. And it has been hard being so far from him. We move in November.

I feel God has led us all this time when we moved to Arkansas. He had it all planned for us to come here, join the Orthodox church, repair my relationship with my brother and move home again to Missouri. Believe me this has been a very hard decision and many tears have been shed and, of course, lots and lots of praying! We will be attending a small Orthodox chapel in Joplin so that is good. And I will be closer to a blogging friend on here who lives close by that I care a lot for! I am sure we will soon meet at last as we have wanted to for so long.

So thanks for visiting. Huggles and blessings.