Saturday, March 29, 2014

Saturday Fun!

I will apologize ahead of time for the picture quality on a couple of the pictures.  You see, not only is our computer slowly dying but so is my camera!  I may pull out a really old kodak I have and see if it is still working.
Anyway, here is the progress on the Names Of Jesus piece.
And I finished up a skirt as well.  I had to trim off a good two inches of fabric to straighten were it was cut at the store.  So I took some yellow quilt binding that had been my grandmother's rather than hemming it the way I normally would.
And I am also working on a prayer shawl!  Usually I work on all three the same day but today just crochet as I have an awful migrane!
Only one picture of Sylvia Joy.  She is keeping Jack company while he lies on the floor trying to get some relief from his leg pains.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Let's Try This Again!

I have been busy with the Names Of Jesus piece but I have been taking time to work on skirts and a prayer shawl so not as much done as I would like!
Now for some fun!  Jack and I took a crate over to Siloam Springs to the animal shelter.  We always love to stop in and visit the kitties.  This little girl had had her time out to play but she was mad as mad could be to be put back in her cage.  She was hollering and throwing herself around and even dumped over her food.  Now THAT is a right and proper temper tantrum!

This is a little fella that fancies himself as very tough!
And our own Queen of the world surveying her kingdom!

Blessings and huggles and thanks for the visit.

Computer woes!

Sorry for no new post but the computer is being extra feisty.  It crashed tonight and knocked out the modem.  I finally got it back up late tonight.  I shall try for tomorrow with a post!  Huggles and blessings.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Friday stitching!

Here is a picture (or two) of my sampler!  I really love fall and the colors and this sure did fit the bill.

And I got the fabric and started on the Names Of Jesus piece for a friend's Pastor.  I love her color choices and I hope she likes my way of doing them.
Anyone want to see Sylvia Joy given me "the look"?
Thanks for visiting.  Blessings and huggles.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

It's not Monday as promised but....

The computer we have is slowly dying.  It has been acting up with the card reader and usb ports not wanting to work.  Now it likes to show we have no internet connection some times.  We paid off our last credit bill today so now to save up for a new computer tower.
  Anyway, my sampler is nearly done.  I think I have two leaves left to do and a couple or three dots of the dark blue.

 Sunday we went to church with a brisk wind and a lot of rain.  When we came out of church it was snowing like anything and was foggy.  Not fun when you have to pull out onto a highway at the crest of a hill!  I just got in the center turn lane and went from there.  Made it home safe and sound.  Here is a picture of the pine tree out front.
Sylvia has been enjoying bird watching lately with the mostly warmer weather.  Here she is!

Thanks for visiting.  Blessings.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Big post and two finishes!

Let's start with the finishes shall we?  I finished up the Names of Jesus piece and finished up a prayer shawl for a friend.  I will be starting another Names of Jesus piece for someone next week.  Done in purples and golds so it should be very lovely.

And here is Jack's baby quilt.  he works on it as much as his legs will allow.  It is so pretty and I can not wait to see the finish.
I am going to finish this little sampler from Jeremiah Junction now and then on to finish the Cardinals.
We had a lovely sunset a couple days ago.  The clouds in the east were tinged with color and out back to the west was also very pretty.
Now onto our silly Sylvia.  The one of her foot is how she sticks out her widdle piggie when she is quite content.  The toys piled around her are from our nightly bedtime play fun.  she will hide and startle me, I throw toys at her and she runs ahead on the stairs and flops down to block me!

Blessings and huggles and see you Monday!

Monday, March 10, 2014

I am back!

I won't say I feel 100% because after all the migranes, I was hit with a bladder infection!  Just  the way it goes.  But I did keep as busy as I could so here we go.  A dress was finished and the very next day  I got a good size box of skirts from the cousin of a friend and some other goodies with it.
I also have done a lot of potholders.  The six together are for a friend.
 This one is mine.
 This is for another friend.
 As are these.
Then came a box of yarn and crochet thread from a cousin of Jack.  He and I both will have hours of  thread heaven together.  He uses a loom.
And I picked up the Names Of Jesus piece tonight and am on the last name.
Oh and we had another wonderful freezing rain, sleet and snow storm a little over a week ago.
Lastly, Here is our girl being, well, Sylvia Joy!

Thanks for visiting.  I missed blogging and am glad to be back.  Huggles and blessings.