Friday, December 7, 2018

Back with lots to share!

Let's start off with some of what Michelle is making. I made myself a tam for cold days.

Now I am making several cloche hats for folks. Here are two of them.
I am also sewing crosses I crocheted on our churches linens.
Made a scarf for a friend at church as well.
I have done a few other things as well, but much of my time is spent trying to keep up with the housework and caring for my Jack. We found out his diabetes has caused nerve damage in his feet and legs causing swelling and pain and trouble with balance. When it is bad, he can hardly get around.
Now onto Sylvia nonsense! How she managed to do this is beyond me!
And many naps are needed since it is colder.
W had a skiff of snow last month and maybe more this weekend.

And a beautiful full moon last month also.
We have a darling new neighbor!
These two here love peanuts and screech loudly when they get them. One of these days they will startle me to death!

We also enjoyed a one dillar and seventy cent mum in the apartment for nearly a month.
And Wednesday night we had a special Divine Liturgy for St. Nicholas, our patron saint. A table is put out for children to leave their shoes for him to fill with candy!

So thanks for visiting! Huggles and blessings.

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

October in Review

Not a lot of anything happened here most of October. My time was spent taking care of my beloved Jack and trying to do all the chores. He was in a lot of pain with his feet which were also very, very swollen. They believe it to be diabetic nerve damage. However I did have a finish and another project going. The cross table cover i done and ready to go home as soon as I finish the angels. I am nearly there.
I am also working on my scarf. I should have gotten it done as the night's are to be pretty cold here this week.
And I have a project for our church. I am making a LOT of crosses for our linens we use.
Now onto some cute critters! First a cuddled up bunch of young squirrels.
A very pretty butterfly!
And a lazy, grumpy Sylvia!
Fall colors are really popping here this last week. I will have more to share later on. This is in our complex.

Thanks for visiting. I hope not to be gone so long this time. Jack is feeling a lot better although he still has some pain and swelling. Huggles and blessings.

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Getting closer to some finishes

Well hello friends! I am getting close to finishing my top. I have about six more inches I need on it so not much longer!
And I am pretty close to finishing the table cover also.
A couple test patterns of some crosses. Which ever is chosen by our church will be made in white and added to table linens that we use.

I got a few rows done on my afghan this past week. That makes me happy!
This does not make me happy! We spent last Wednesday at urgent care. Jack had an infection in his hand. It is better but flared up a bit the last couple days.
We have a little differently-abled squirrel that has a hand that is not quite right. He does just fine though! He is enjoying a peanut.
And here is Sylvia being Sylvia.

Today jack became Dinoman at Wal Mart. Made the employees laugh!
Thanks for visiting. huggles and blessings.

Friday, September 14, 2018

Big catch up post!

Well now I had meant to post the first Sunday of the month after church. However, Sunday morning I came down with a very nasty stomach virus and Jack got it later that week. We are just now feeling a lot better and hope to be back in church Sunday.
Now onto the good stuff! We decided we needed an outing last Sunday afternoon and went to War Eagle Mill. It was a nice cool day and perfect for it.
Love this old mill!
Not feeling super whippy but here we are!
We are down in a lovely valley at the mill! We will be up on the mountain to the right going out.
The mill wheel. They do still grind grains here.
 Looking down at the valley. Still not quite to the top.
This is the bridge next to the mill we cross.
I love this old cabin we pass.
In crocheting, I am working another cross tablecover.
And continuing on my top.

Some of the lovely things at the apartment.

Goodies arrived this month as well. Two pioneer woman picnic baskets that were half off at Wal Mart. It will help taking goodies to church. A new teapot to replace my old rusted one also arrived.

Sylvia was ever at my side while I was so awful sick.
Meet Skippy as we have named him. He comes most days singing for a peanut and is not at all fearful. I can get an arms length from him to give him his peanut. He is this year's baby.
This is girly squirrel enjoying her peanut she got from Jack this afternoon. She is enjoying it on our neighbors porch!
Thanks for visiting. Huggles and blessings.