Thursday, August 28, 2008

Little Update

I am going to be absent from posting any meaningful blogs for a couple days. Jack and I have been trying hard to finish up the second bedroom or den as we call it. Everything is painted except for a bit of the trim around the closet and main door. The inside of the closet needs painted but that will take some time as it needs a lot of work to get it ready. And poor Jack with the pain he has in his feet can not do much and not everyday either. He does good doing as much as he does do. We need now to give everything a good cleaning, new outlets and switches in a nice white color, hang curtains and pictures and place furniture. So I will see you all this weekend with all the news that is fit to print. LOL!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Stockton Lake

After all the stuff that has gone on this month it hasn't been a real fun month. Add to it the fact that the lawnmower pooped out this week. Makes you want to scream! LOL! So off to Springfield to borrow money on an account that was 2 payments from being paid off. While there we treated ourselves to frozen custard with chocolate and strawberries in it. Even Katie got a free vanilla custard. They do that for puppers. And I decided on the way back to make a detour to Stockton Lake for a little stress relief. Jack has never been across a dam or seen a spillway so I treated him to that. So on to pics I think. This is from the observation area looking at the intake area.
Some Canadian geese on the beach where I used to swim as a child. The sunperch like to nibble at you when you are in the water. It smarts sometimes.
It isn't real clear, but the object on top of the dead tree is a heron. You can also sometimes see quail, dove, squirrel, raccoon, rabbit, deer and turkey plus duck and geese in the fall.
This is the area below the spillway. It is a long way down from where I was.
Isn't this view gorgeous?
Here is the spillway. From the streamway to the top is 131 feet high. The dam is 10,700 feet long. Stockton Lake has 298 miles of shore line and the lake itself is 24,900 acres.
This is one of the 6 limestone cores they took from the area when building the dam. Behind is the power station that is used when we have peak power usage. The lake was begun in 1963 and completed in 1969.
Another shot from the observation area.
It was so peaceful out there and good to visit.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Plenty to share.

I have gathered some seeds from my morning glories. If you would like a few just e mail me at I will be happy to send some your way with instructions and other pertinent info. They will look like the morning glory in the picture below.

Thought you would like to see what the finished kitchen cabinets look like. Also you can see the white we chose for trim and doors. It is a nice crisp white with grey undertones. Just the kind of white we like!
Now we are working on the second bedroom that we use for our computer and hobby room. The walls will be the same green as in the hall. I am afraid it doesn't show up real well. I love the color but when it is wet and you are painting with it it is not real pretty! It looks more like a chartreuse and almost hurts your eyes to work with. But once it dries it is a very soft and nice green.
Is this not funny? I made breakfast for supper the other night and one of the yolks broke. When I plated it up it looked to me like the eggs where sticking out it's tongue! So I added ketchup nose and eyes! LOL!
Okay finally I will show you our stitching. I have been working on the moon and the rows of blue seem to be one hundred miles long! But it beats doing one stitching and tieing off! That I hate!
Jack is working on the large center rose on his quilt squares. I like the green he picked out to go with the yellow. I can not wait to make pillows out of them!

So be blessed and i send you loving huggles!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Word-filled Wednesday

Taste and see that the Lord is good; blessed is the man who takes refuge in Him. ~Psalm 34:8

This is something we need always remember, keep it in your hearts at all time. Visit Amy for more. God bless you all!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

A lovely weekend!

Well, this has been some week! One of those that can really drive you to your knees--in prayer. It can also, if you are bi-polar, knock you into a depressive episode. I am in more of a funk then a big depressive episode. Stinks though! It started out with Jack having another flair up with his foot. Then we got a call Monday about Tina. She had just been placed in a wonderful assisted living for mentally challenged folks about 50 miles from us. We were worried about her because she said she was homesick and missed going to church with us. Well she ended up swallowing some batteries and this time they had to cut her open to remove them. So she is back in a lockdown facility and what happens now is anyone's guess. Then we got word about a friend passing away and the very next day we learned a lady I knew as a child had passed away also. Then today Jack's cousin let him know that his estranged mother's husband had passed away. He was not a nice person and we neither one liked the way he treated people, but we hated to see it happen to his mom. At least Jack did call her and is going to try to stay in touch.
Now onto stitching. Jack is doing more quilt squares in yellow this time.
I am working on my angel again. Not a lot done but I am gonna tackle that moon big time!
Doesn't this look like fun?
I was blessed with some awards and I am long overdo in saying thank you and showing them to you. This one is from Nancie and I can not thank her enough! I am passing it on to the following bloggers:
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Have a blessed Sunday.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Word-filled Wednesday

"Peace Be Still"

by David Stewart
"And He arose, and rebuked the wind, and said unto the sea,
Peace, be still.
And the wind ceased, and there was a great calm"

(Mark 4:39)

When sounds the world's threatening cry,

And roaring of their thunder.

When you feel the heaving of your life,

And see the foaming water.

Then from the midst of this swelling sea,

A voice so calm and clear.

Twas, "Peace be still," that reached my ear,

Calmed my heart, and allayed my fear.

Oh, words of a Savior that gave me Peace,

Though the world round me roar.

Safe in Him, my peace complete,

There for evermore.

David Stewart

Please join us for Word-filled Wednesday. Visit Amy for more!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

A poem for my friends

I really like this poem and it has been awhile since I shared one with you. I hope you have a blessed Sunday. I don't have any stitching news to share with you today as my allergy eyes have been very grumpy making it hard to sew. So do please enjoy the poem, hug your family and friends and know that I care about you!

by C. H. Spurgeon (1834-1892)
(written at age eighteen)

which being interpreted is, God with us"

(Matthew 1:23).

When once I mourned a load of sin;
When conscience felt a wound within;
When all my works were thrown away;
When on my knees I knelt to pray,
Then, blissful hour, remembered well,
I learned Thy love, Immanuel.

When storms of sorrow toss my soul;
When waves of care around me roll;
When comforts sink, when joys shall flee;
When hopeless griefs shall gape for me,
One word the tempest's rage shall quell
That word, Thy name, Immanuel.

When for the truth I suffer shame;
When foes pour scandal on my name;
When cruel taunts and jeers abound;
When "Bulls of Bashan" gird me round,
Secure within Thy tower I'll dwell--
That tower, Thy grace, Immanuel.

When hell enraged lifts up her roar;
When Satan stops my path before;
When fiends rejoice and wait my end;
When legioned hosts their arrows send,
Fear not, my soul, but hurl at hell
Thy battle-cry, Immanuel.

When down the hill of life I go;
When o'er my feet death's waters flow;
When in the deep'ning flood I sink;
When friends stand weeping on the brink,
I'll mingle with my last farewell
Thy lovely name, Immanuel.

When tears are banished from mine eye;
When fairer worlds than these are nigh;
When heaven shall fill my ravished sight;
When I shall bathe in sweet delight,
One joy all joys shall far excel,
To see Thy face, Immanuel.

Charles Haddon Spurgeon