Thursday, June 13, 2019

June doings in my world!

Well hello again! The first week of this month was miserable as I had an abscess in a tooth. I did feel well enough after a few days of antibiotics to enjoy a special meal for our 39th anniversary the sixth. I will begin the process of having the last 9 teeth pulled the 21st of this month. Here is me all miserable. I still felt pretty rough when our priest and his dear wife blessed our house the fourth but it was enjoyable and we had a simple lunch here at the house together. Here I am looking much like a chipmunk. I could not even smile because of the swelling!
This is me with my grandfather's violin from the 1910's. I have wanted a good home for it for years since I have no family to leave it too. It went with Father John and KH. Marilyn to North Carolina and will have a wonderful home with their grandson!
What have I been doing crafty wise? Well, I have finished the piece for KH. Marilyn and Jack will be framing it hopefully before they return home this weekend.
And I am working on a tank top to wear as a cover up. It is a pretty simple fun project from Interweave Crochet.
Jack used a gift card and got Sylvia a tree for upstairs. She loves it so much she was trying it out early while it was still in the box!

Our dining room is all finished save for curtains. Jack will hang them when he is having a good day. I can wait!

Oh, enjoy a picture of tone of the gum trees in our front yard.
Jack surprised me with this darling little recliner this week for my early 60th birthday next month. Such a sweetie! Now I have a comfy chair in the craft room for crocheting and sewing!
So thank you so much for visiting. I will see you soon! Huggles and blessings.