Sunday, October 26, 2008

Monday, October 20, 2008

I quit!

This is my new blog: Ozarks Sew N' Sews
Several things have made me decide to give up on Blogger. First I have people tell me they can not view my blog for some reason or they can not leave comments. I don't like that because what good is a blog like that? Second for a while now Jack and I both occasionally can not access our e mail accounts or our blogs. It can be a frustrating day or two trying to figure out what is wrong and how to fix it. This past week I was locked out yet again. I was able to get e mails as they go to my incredimail also but blogger was no go. All the usual tricks were no good at all and I hesitated to try and ask google for help as that is always a big zero as well. After trying everything from Wednesday evening until Friday I gave up, filled out the form and sent it to google. The next morning I got the standard form letter saying they had no idea why I was having problems and they were sorry but there was nothing else they could do. But I could make a new account! Oh brother like that really helped! Well I tried the last thing I knew to do. I decided to sign out of my home page knowing I might lose that as well. Instead of signing me out it sent me to a page with all of googles products and I wondered what I had done. But when I got back to my homepage, there was my gmail and I could access blogger again. But enough is enough and I am making the switch to my wordpress account. It is hard for me to leave blogger because I am familiar enough with it to be comfortable doing all manner of thing but I will become that way with wordpress as well. I only hope I don't put you all out to much with the change and I hope you continue to visit me. Huggles.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Blessed Sunday to you!

This is the last of the pillowcases in Jack's stash. We won't have to worry about having any for some time to come! This one is called party line. So cute with all the little birds!
I have finished the dark blue below their feet and now I am after the border. Thankfully it goes much quicker than all the large areas of blue. I hope I can have more progress next time.
Sort post I know but not a whole lot going on. Have a blessed and wonderful week.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Dogs On Thursday

Oh the life of Katie! So much to do like take care of your dad when he is sick. What a good little nurse she is!
Steal yourself a chunk of dads afghan while he is using it. If you must sit on his feet so he will move them then so be it!
And don't forget to wash your face at bedtime! It would be a shame to go to bed dirty!
The End!