Thursday, October 10, 2019

Life happens and then you crochet!

Again I have been missing for far too long! I do not remember if I mentioned my Jack started suffering from anemia in March and despite prescription iron, is still not over it and they do not know why. Therefore I am doing as much as I can so Jack can save his limited strength and do what he can as he can. He has managed to finish almost all the painting repair and light hanging in the bathroom. So he does what he can! At times I am to tired or headachey to even care to write a post and I am sorry for that.
That said let me share some pictures of silly Sylvia the garden leopard.

 We have had way to much rain this past week. Saturday night and Sunday last week we had about 8 inches of rain. We have more coming tonight.

 The kids enjoyed it after church!
I have managed some crocheting and some weaving too. And got some discontinued yarn for 99 cents a skein.

We also took the top from an old coffee table we had, bought a base for it and some chairs at a flea market so now we have a kitchen table. I also found my Grandmother's everyday table cloth for it. Whilst rummaging, I also found the table cloths Jack stitched and put on the dining table.

Had a butterfly visitor too!
Last night after Vespers at church, our priest and his wife gave us these lovely snake plants!They are also known as mother in law tongue.
Leaves are just beginning to change here and we had a lovely sunrise this morning.

Lastly I leave you with my latest read. I have not gotten far as I am buried in commissions for crochet work, but it is a good book thus far..

Thanks for visiting. Huggles and blessings.

Friday, August 9, 2019

Where did July go?

I really do not know how July slipped away from me. Can I blame it on turning 60 on the 15th? LOL! So what has it been like for us? Mostly rainy and stormy and cool until August.
While we were in church on a Sunday morning a storm blew in and took one of the large oaks down behind our house. It was loud! The night before the thunder had been so bad it shook a cross off the wall in our bathroom and brought down some limbs. The guys at church are still trying to get the tree cut up.

We also had a beautiful foggy morning one day last week.
I finished up a lap blanket for a friend.
Played around with some plastic canvas too. Can you read it? Focus on the center blue patch.
Just today I finished a cross centerpiece for another friend.
And I am working on a shawl for myself. One can never have to many shawls! It iscalled Grandmother's German shells or something like that.
Jack and I found a sweet little table for seven dollars for sitting our tea tray on in the mornings. I plan to restain and stencil on it in the fall. And I go a new teapot to set on it. A nice big one for the days I am in serious need of tea!

And what is Sylvia up to you ask? Well she has decided she likes to go out in the backyard now or hang out on the deck with me. It then requires foot washing and naps!

It is also great fun to sneak into a cabinet when mom is trying to put away sodas!
And Jack and I are busily repairing and painting the inside of the house in two shades of silver. We started in our pink bathroom! Sorry for the bad picture. We are nearly done with it now.
I will leave you with a close up of my little spiderwort. It is a species of Wandering Jew.
Thanks for visiting. Huggles and blessings.

Friday, July 5, 2019

Better late than never!

Well, I did mean to post last week but life got in the way as usual! I had two teeth taken out the 21st which wasn't bad but the antibiotics really got to me. So here I am late but here! We had some terrible storms the 15th and 16th of June. We lost a few limbs Saturday night and whilst in church a horrible storm hit but we kept right on worshiping! It sounded as if the building would blow apart! When we were in fellowship after church that this had happened. The wind blew limbs into the fence around our home, flooded the yard and brought down a large oak behind the house and damaged a lot of the trees including a couple at the church across the street from us.

We also had some beautiful sunsets!

And Jack got me two early birthday presents. The little recliner is in the hobby room as I am sure you can tell. It is so comfy and just my size!
He also got me a Russian Orthodox cross I had been wanting.
This week we were able to finally buy some decent living room furniture and get rid of the old sofa. This new set sits up a bit higher making it easier for Jack to get up and down yet I am also still comfy! Sylvia Joy has claimed her favorite spot! Both pieces were in the clearance area and we got them both for the price of the sofa had it not been on sale.

Jack also hung my curtains for me in the dining room. Next is the big window in the living room and the downstairs windows will all have their curtains. And we got colors approved for the inside so we are preparing to paint!
As for crocheting, I am working on a cross tabletopper in cream for someone.
And about to finish up angels for someone else. I also am doing an afghan but she wants it to be a secret and even she does not want to know the pattern until finished so that must wait!
As always, Sylvia is loving her naps!
So thanks for visiting. huggles and blessings.