Thursday, October 10, 2019

Life happens and then you crochet!

Again I have been missing for far too long! I do not remember if I mentioned my Jack started suffering from anemia in March and despite prescription iron, is still not over it and they do not know why. Therefore I am doing as much as I can so Jack can save his limited strength and do what he can as he can. He has managed to finish almost all the painting repair and light hanging in the bathroom. So he does what he can! At times I am to tired or headachey to even care to write a post and I am sorry for that.
That said let me share some pictures of silly Sylvia the garden leopard.

 We have had way to much rain this past week. Saturday night and Sunday last week we had about 8 inches of rain. We have more coming tonight.

 The kids enjoyed it after church!
I have managed some crocheting and some weaving too. And got some discontinued yarn for 99 cents a skein.

We also took the top from an old coffee table we had, bought a base for it and some chairs at a flea market so now we have a kitchen table. I also found my Grandmother's everyday table cloth for it. Whilst rummaging, I also found the table cloths Jack stitched and put on the dining table.

Had a butterfly visitor too!
Last night after Vespers at church, our priest and his wife gave us these lovely snake plants!They are also known as mother in law tongue.
Leaves are just beginning to change here and we had a lovely sunrise this morning.

Lastly I leave you with my latest read. I have not gotten far as I am buried in commissions for crochet work, but it is a good book thus far..

Thanks for visiting. Huggles and blessings.