Friday, August 28, 2015

Stitching away and working on my SAL a little.

I have pulled out my bedspread again and am working on it.  Hoping to have the top done by year's end.

I also am working out a snood pattern.  This color is called honey bronze and I really like it.  I am working on the band now.
And here is the sal piece.  The sun has his smile and the starfish has his spots!

Managed also to work on my Rosewood Manor piece as well. Trying to finish up the season medallions.

We have a neighbor across the way that has some of the most adorable and sweet kitties.  This little one comes a running when it sees one of us.

Of course we can't forget the Queen of the Perkin's home!

The sunset and the moon from last night were lovely.

Thanks for visiting.  Huggles and blessings.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

SAL Progress and a little crochet too!

I have always wanted to do a SAL and I finally am.  I am doing one from With My Threads  I did get a little ornery and am doing it in colors of my own choice.  Hers is very pretty in the colors she used but I changed them to more country soft colors.
I also have been playing with a variation of cobweb stitch in crochet.
And I also managed to finish up my little valance for the hobby room.
I pulled out my yo yo bedspread today so I can get some done on it.  I would like to have it done this year.  We shall see!
This is our 3 dollar and some change find at Hobby Lobby.  It was around 35 dollars and has some damage but it can be repaired.
Did you have any pretty sunsets your way?  We did the other evening.
And now for Sylvia Joy in all her glory!

Thanks for visiting.  huggles and blessings.

Monday, August 17, 2015

A Lovely Monday Surprise!

I knew Mandela Flowers was coming from Marlene at Poppy Patchwork but did not expect all the other lovely things.  A wonderful magazine, needles for Jackster, treats for Sylvia too!  The magazine came with a lovely needle keeper. I already found a project I want to do in the magazine.  And let me tell you about her needle workmanship!  Oh it is lovely in pictures but in person each tiny stitch is beautiful!  Thanks again from the bottom of my heart!
I have a finish also!  Got my poncho done tonight and I like the way it came out.  I still have an afghan I am working on and will share that with you next time.
And I am still going along on my Rosewood Manor piece as well.

Oh my but we had a lovely sunset here tonight.  It is cooler than normal today and only in the seventies with rain later this week.  Do you see the crescent moon?

Almost every morning Jack tries to eat his cereal while Sylvia wants tummy rubs!  It really is funny because everytime he tries to eat she glares at him!
Here she is happy that her table is back in the house at last!

Thanks for visiting.  huggles and blessings.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Happy Saturday!

I have two finishes this time.  First the rug for Jack's side of the bed.  I am pleased how it came out and it is just a simple circle pattern of half crochet.
And I finished my little white on red cross stitch as well.
There is some progress on my rosewood Manor piece also.  But not a lot with all the bits I wanted to finish up.

And I am nearly done with my poncho!  I love finishing things up!  It seems you work and work forever and then suddenly you are finishing!
Oh and I must leave you with a Sylvia Joy picture! Just chilling and showing that tummy heart!
Huggles and blessings and thanks for visiting.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

More Finishes? Yes!

Well, I am just a smarty pants!  I was working still on Jack's rug this afternoon when I took this picture.  Finished it up tonight!
Progress on my Rosewood Manor piece too. 
AND, the back panel is finished on the poncho.  Onto the front!  Sorry about the picture quality.
Over the weekend, I also finished a simple skirt and will finish this one tomorrow or next day.
Now what has Sylvia Joy been up too?  Well just look!

Thanks for visiting.  Huggles and blessings.

Saturday, August 8, 2015

I'm Late!!!!

Well the little daisy blanket is all done.  It will soon be on it's way to it's home.
And I have some progress on my stitching also. I did the blue band today.
Sylvia was stalking her crunchy ball the other night.
And hiding (sort of).
And being the queen in her Mug Hut as we call it.
Thanks for visiting.  Huggles and blessings.