Saturday, April 28, 2012

Stitching and a blessing

 Lots to share with you today so here we go!  Sunlight stained glass is coming along well as you can see.

 A tiny bit done on Plum and gold too.  I needed a bit of a break from my other two.

 Let's have a silly Sylvia break before the other cross stitch.  How can cats sleep like this?  Amazing.

 Here is my Gathering Eggs.  It too is coming along well and I am working on the clouds at the top.

This is Mr. and Mrs Larry Rice.  He just came thru a quad bypass surgery.  We had a wonderful conversation about church, the Bible and plenty of fun things to.  They are just precious.

Below is the 2002 Chevy S-10 we bought from Larry.  It is valued at $6000 dollars, Larry had planned to sell it for $5900 dollars.  He is the only dealer who didn't want at least $1000 dollars down and Jack and I were really praying for a vehicle before my surgery on the 9th of May.  Larry said he needed revenue and he knew we needed a vehicle so he sold it to us for $500 dollars down and dropped the price to $5200 dollars.  The transmission is new and today Larry had his son put in a new battery, starter and wipers.  God is faithful to help in time of need if we only keep pressing on and trusting.  I am also thankful for a loving husband who worked hard to save up money and a friend who helped as well.
 Love the razorback placard on the back!
I can not stop praising God for this blessing!
Thanks for visiting.  huggles.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A stitching we will go

Here is Jack's baby quilt.  He is working on the little bear on the moon.
 Now to make you hungry before we go on.  I made mayonnaise cake cupcakes to snack on today.  My favorite recipe for a moist chocolate cupcake.
 Now that we had a snack, on to stitching.  I have been busy, busy with gathering Eggs.  i am doing the upper border now.
 Sunburst Stained Glass window is coming along nicely too.  Not much left on this half.
 Here is Sylvia Joy enjoying the window.
 And being silly.
 Now where is that mini blind cord?  And where is Sylvia's head?
I was asked what software I use for photo editing.  It is a free one and does good.  You can find it here.  Thanks for coming by to visit!  Blessings and huggles.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Stitching and the sillies

If you have been wondering how Jack is doing on the baby quilt here it is.  This will be going to the kids of some friends.  The kids are expecting their first wee one.

Tonight I switched back to Gathering Eggs.  I am enjoying it but with it all filled in with x stitches it feels like I am sewing and sewing in the same spot.  LOL!

And the Stained glass piece is coming along well.  Soon I will have the first half done.

Had some fun making this picture of Sylvia look like a watercolor painting.  I like it!

A major nap today on the bed.  She was konked out!

That look!  Like "What do you want?  And get that camera out of here!"
Hope you enjoyed the visit!  Come again soon.  huggles and blessings.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Cross Stitching and More

I looked out this morning to see what our usual birds were up to.  I was surprised to see this lovely pigeon instead.  It stayed there quite some time before leaving.

 On to stitching.  The last couple days have been so busy I didn't have a lot of time for stitching but I had a good go of it last night and some today.  Here is gathering Eggs.

And some progress on Sunburst Stain glass.  I think I will switch to working on this tonight.

Jack and I decided washing the rooster pillow he uses when he has to lie on the floor to ease his legs.  This is what happened.  Cracked us both up.  I think I may have to restuff a rooster!

Stuffing anyone?
So that is our wonderful, funny, stitchy day!  Huggles and blessings.

Monday, April 16, 2012

A Mixed Bag

Here is Miss Sylvia Joy hiding in her box while I was on the computer.

 And today napping while I prepare to do my ironing.  A girl mustn't work to hard you know!
 Jack and I made a crumb topped apple pie this afternoon.  Hope to have a piece tonight.
 We had tornado sirens go off Sunday morning but the tornado was the kind that hits and goes up quickly.  At the end of the day we were blessed with the sunset kissing the clouds.

Jack's progress on his baby quilt.  It sure is going to be a cute one!
 Here is the Gathering Eggs piece.  I am working on the right hand side of the girl.
 Been busy on Sunburst Stained Glass too.  It can go slow at times.
 Well, sometimes I mess up on my math or my brain goes dumb when I am preparing to start another project.  That happened with the Bluebird Sampler I wished to do.  I have to work with what I have on hand as I buy much of my supplies on sale or clearance when we have the extra funds.  Rarely do I pick a project and then buy the fabric to go with it.  I do plan on fine tuning my dying skills so I can have more color choices on the aida I usually work with.  Someday I hope to get a hold of some more evenweave.  I enjoy working on it but it is to expensive for me to buy very often.  I may well end up doing another stained glass from Art Stitch.
Thanks for visiting.  Huggles and blessings.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Coloring Inside the Lines

Here is the progress on Jack's baby quilt.  It sure is cute in person let me tell you!

And I have been working away on Gathering Eggs.  It doesn't seem like much progress with it being solid cross stitch.

Well on this half of the Sunburst Stain Glass I finished all the brown outline parts and now I am "coloring" inside the lines if you will.

Well, because of my insurance, my surgery had to be changed to May 9th.  They wouldn't let me have the surgery at the hospital I was scheduled at.  This insurance company has been a nightmare, refusing to pay a lot of charges and such.  When open enrollment comes at the end of the year, we will be switching insurance.  So blessings and huggles to all and come visit again soon!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Weekend sewing and kitty sillies

Hello!  Here is Sylvia being, well, Sylvia!

And yes, we have stitching.  Not a lot but some.  Did a little more on Gathering Eggs.
 Mostly I was in brown mode on the Sunburst Stained Glass piece.  That is about the limit of my stitching.
Thanks for visiting and blessings.  huggles too.

Friday, April 6, 2012

A Stitching We Will go!

I have been a busy little beaver just stitching away!  Here is the Gathering Eggs piece.
 Right now I am working the brown around the areas where the colors of  the stained "glass" will be.  I think it will make it go quicker.
Here are a few pictures of flowers around town I thought you would like to see.

Thank you and God bless for all your kind words on my thyroid tumor issue.  I do so appreciate it.  Huggles and see you in a day or two.