Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Good bye to my Great Aunt Jaunita

I just wanted to publicly say good bye to my great aunt. She passed away this week at the age of 85. I am afraid I don't have a picture of her handy as we are packing to move. She had been suffering with dementia for several years. The last time Jack and I saw her she didn't know us at all. She was a wonderful, Godly woman full of love and care for others. She and her husband Moody loved to serve and care for others. They adopted their niece and raised her as their own always thinking of her as a daughter. She was the only child they ever had. Moody drove people to the doctors offices even when he himself was battling bone cancer. It barely slowed him down. Jaunita took great pride in caring for her home, family and extended family. That was her way of serving the Lord. Bible study and inviting new church members to her home were important to her. Sadly, after Moody passed away, Jaunita's health began to fail. She spent the last few years in the nursing home. Some of that time she shared a room with my grandmother her sister-in-law. It is our small town nursing home and a couple family members work there so they both got wonderful care until their passing. Good bye Jaunita until I see you again in Heaven. I will remember your sweet smile and loving ways.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Happy dance!!!!

Well, I am doing a happy dance today! I finished up my angel yesterday. I think she came out really nice! Working with that braid though was a big pain in the neck! I hope I never have to do that much of it again for a long time!

And I am almost done with my Happy Home piece! I took this photo this morning but I have even more done now. All but the letter H in happy and the letter A are done. Most of the vines are too. i have been a stitching machine today!

I hate the thought of not having anything to cross stitch on this next month. Even with the move coming up I will have free time on my hands. I love to crochet but can't do a lot at one sitting so I need a cross stitch project. Most everything of our cross stitching is packed up. However, I rooted around in my big basket and found this. It is "A midsummer night's fairy" from Mirabella. It is a kit I got when Hobby Lobby was getting rid of most of their cross stitch items. I couldn't afford a fifty four dollar kit for all the tea in china! However, I got this one for ten dollars because the beads are missing. Not a big deal to me. They can easily be replaced! So that is my news for now! See ya soon!

Friday, February 23, 2007

Got some goodies today!

This is some fabric that came in the mail today. I have so been waiting for it to arrive! It was given to me by a sweet person on the Cross Stitch Crazy forum we both belong to. She was given a whole bunch of fabric samples by a relative that has a furniture store. She said she wanted to pass it on to others. When I saw these lovely colors that will go so well with my home colors, how could I resist! not sure yet what I want to do with it. But I will figure it out!

We have been blessed with some beautiful weather this week. More than one day I have been able to take Katie out and neither of us has needed a coat. This is a picture of her today soaking up the sun. Her favorite thing to do!

It has been so nice to be in the backyard, seeing the horses lazing in the warmth of the sun. I have heard meadowlarks, cardinals and lots of other birds just singing away. They know spring is coming and I think they are just as anxious for it as we humans are. I have even seen a few of the earlier leafing trees just beginning to get buds. I only hope we don't have a sudden cold snap and freeze them. Most trees won't begin to bud out for a few weeks yet. We are going to pay for the nice weather though. We are supposed to have rain and maybe even thunderstorms Saturday. The rain is fine but not thunderstorms! I don't much like them.
I am making progress on my two pieces I am cross stitching. Not so much as to share another picture but I am going along pretty good. So until next time, hugs to you all!

Monday, February 19, 2007

Back to stitching on happy home

First let's have our laugh at Katie. She loves to sit on the end of the couch close to Jack's chair. She will look at him so sweet and innocent until he pets her. For some reason this day she ended up in the corner of the couch on her back. She was happy as a clam!

This is where I do my stitching. I have seen some other folks post pictures of their stitching spots. Mine is not grand and we need a new sofa for sure! But it is comfy. I have all I need. A small basket with my supplies, my end table complete with Bible and a glass of water and all the neccessaries for stitching!

And here ya go! Ta da!!!!! Progress once again on "happy home". Just a little bit more to go. I would love to have it done by the time we move in April. Can she do it? Is it even possible? Stay tuned to find out! LOL!

Friday, February 16, 2007

What time of day are you?

I stole this from Meari. It was kinda fun and funny that she and I are the same time of day!

You Are Sunrise

You enjoy living a slow, fulfilling life. You enjoy living every moment, no matter how ordinary.

You are a person of reflection and meditation. You start and end every day by looking inward.

Caring and giving, you enjoy making people happy. You're often cooking for friends or buying them gifts.

All in all, you know how to love life for what it is - not for how it should be.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Katie, some stitching and a new toy

Let's have some fun with Katie! You have the back feet, the front feet frozen stiff and her with the remote. i think she must have been watching animal planet on t.v.! LOL! Here is a little present Jack and I bought ourselves. We have wanted one forever. after our other stereo died, we have been saving and waiting to get one. Now we can listen to our records. I think it will look perfect in the new place!
And I do have some stitching I can share with you. It is one of those embellished cross stitch. I have her hair, the dove and one of her wings done. All that is done with opalescent mill hill braid. I still have to do the last wing and then some cross stitching on her gown and the branch in front of her.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Dumpster diving, horses & valentine

I just had to do it! Dumpster dive I mean. Wasn't my fault! There I was on a walk with Katie and on top of a trash cart was a basket. How could I resist? Well, I couldn't! LOL! Just ask Jack and he will tell you! It needed a little repair but nothing major. I am going to do the edges of it in a yarn kinda like a binding just to perk it up. It is just right for little katie's coat, sweater, toys and leash. She is great at taking the toys out! Wonder if I could teach her to put them up? Yeah, right!

Oh and the horses! This is so funny! First of all there are now 11 instead of 9 of them. We have a mom and her two youngsters. So I had an appointment thursday. It was a sunny day but chilly. We pass the pasture where they live on our way home and of course they live behind us too. Anyway, I saw one standing in the sun all maxed out and napping. So I look for the rest of them. Well, there they are sprawled out on their sides sound asleep! That was just so funny and made me think of sunbathers on a beach--a cold beach here though! Wish I had taken a picture!
Now for a little fun. I got this from zztop's blog.

Your Candy Heart Says "Hug Me"

A total sweetheart, you always have a lot of love to give out.

Your heart is open to where ever love takes you!

Your ideal Valentine's Day date: a surprise romantic evening that you've planned out

Your flirting style: lots of listening and talking

What turns you off: fighting and conflict

Why you're hot: you're fearless about falling in love

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Friday, February 9, 2007

blessings from Dizzy Rizzy

This is from a little newsletter I get in my e mail everyday. I thought it could encourage someone like it did me. See, I have been struggling the last couple weeks with my bi polar. Some of you know that I am bi polar and many don't. You also may or may not know that I have anxiety and am agoraphobic which means I don't often leave the house other than to walk Katie and a country ride. It is a struggle when I do have to go somewhere where there are lots of people. But do not feel sorry for me please! I love my life and I am happy most of the time. Even if I am not having a happy day, I do find the joy each and every day no matter how hard I have to look! God has healed me of many, many things but He chose to leave this thorn in my flesh. I truly believe it is so that I can encourage others and have empathy for people having hard times in their lives. I want to use my issues to be a better witness and person for Him. I am blessed! I mean I have a loving husband, a loving furchild, hobbies I enjoy, my friends on here. What more do I need? So here is the poem. may it bless you!

Life is not even or level or smooth,

Sometimes it goes uphill.

Sometimes your footholds seem to slip

And you think you’re in for a spill.

You may trip or stumble or fall face down

And think it’s over for you,

But when you falter and things get tough

Jesus will be there it’s true.

You see in the wilderness for forty days,

Jesus struggled, so he understands.

He knows the doubts and fears that you have

As you daily face life’s demands.

Don’t think you’re abandoned or left all alone

To face a future so bleak.

Just trust in Jesus to show you the way,

And daily his leadership seek.

There will still be days when you feel afraid,

And days when you can’t see your way,

But keep trusting and hoping and following him

And someday you’ll be shouting hooray.

Our life isn’t over when we leave this world,

In fact it’s just starting you see.

If we trust in Jesus as our Savior and Lord,

We with him forever will be.

Bob Heffner 9-26-01
Thanks Archie

Thursday, February 8, 2007

Happy valentine early

This is what I want in my box of chocolates!!!!
I know this little wish is early but I feel it is needed. All who visit here make my day brighter. You bring sunshine into my world. So this is my wish for you. May God give you family and friends to love and who love you too. May your heart be filled with joy and hope. May your troubles, grief and heartaches be few and far between. May joy and happiness be in abundance. I pray angels around you always to cheer, guide, comfort and keep you safe. Remember this: to the world you may be just one person. But to one person you may be the world. Never give up, never think that you aren't cared for and loved. This person cares for and loves you! You are the world to me for sure! You have a friend on this side of the computer who will always be there for you! God bless!

Monday, February 5, 2007

Quilt based afghans

I wanted to share some of my afghans with you. I hope I haven't already! Anyway, here goes! The red and green one is based on a pattern called Streaks of Lightening from a pattern book I have. The pink, lavender and white is a Nine patch which is my own pattern. It is Katie's little blankie! The last one is based on a pattern called Diagonal Chain. It is from the same pattern book as the first. The yarn for it was a present for my birthday a couple years ago from friends. Wild isn't it? I love it though!

Here is where I am at right now with my cross stitch project. I am not working on it right now. I am working on a little something as a surprise for a friend. It shouldn't take too long to finish it though once I get back to it. Until next time, God bless you!

Friday, February 2, 2007

Let's have some fun!

Let's pick on Katie a little bit! I mean it sounds like fun too me! So here we go!

Where is her head?

Nothing like a nap on mom's lap!

It's a nose!!!!!!!!

Sleep, glorious sleep!

Now that we have had a laugh, here is another little meme. It is from Susie's Space
and is five things about me you might not know.


1. When I was little, my younger brother and I were playing in the barn. Being the graceful thing I am I slipped and landed in a cow muffin! Right on my hind end! Gross!

2. Right after my mom died when I was nine, my other brother and I were playing in my aunt's basement. We found a couple pairs of boxing gloves and put them on and went at it. I wasn't afraid of it hurting. My brother said with the gloves on it wouldn't hurt a bit. Of course we all know brother's don't lie! Yeah, right! He hit me square in the eye and it DID too hurt! I cried and cried so much that grandma gave me a quarter too make me quit crying! I had a black eye for a week! LOL!

3. I used to work on my own car when I was able. I even changed out a transmission, did my own brake work and tuned them up myself! I even used to do body work on them and loved doing it!

4. When I worked at the Mariott in Wichita I met Travis Tritt, Lynyrd Sknyrd, Ray Charles and some other famous folks.

5. And lastly once again showing my grace and all, I once got my arm stuck between the washing machine and the wall. I was trying to retrieve a paper bag that had fallen down there! Thank goodness I wasn't home by myself or I might have been there for hours!

Hope you have enjoyed this post! Have a blessed day!