Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Loving the cooler weather here!

Well Bren I did enjoy teasing you last post, but I wanted you to see what your shawl is looking like. Hopefully it will not take a lot longer to finish.
Saturday night around midnight we smelled smoke and heard sirens.  Two blocks east of us this apartment building burned.  Please pray for the families.
Yours truly today sitting in front of our mums.  These things are huge and had I any idea they would get so gigantic, I would have planted 3 instead of five!
A little work done on my wolf but with my silly allergies I am having trouble seeing to cross stitch all this black.  If I ever finish, it will be a gift for someone I have in mind already.
So that is it for me today.  Been out in the swing a lot with my beloved Jack and darling little E.J.  Be blessed and huggles all.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Finally feels like fall!

The mums are just starting to bloom at last.  The purple ones next to the house are still taking their time though.
They look prettier from this direction.  The little burgundy one nearly died so he is much smaller than the others.
Jack got us a special treat yesterday.  A restaurant here called "The Rusty Jug" makes their own root beer.  More than one kind as well.  Yummy, it is so good!  I like the bottles too!
A little done on my wolf.  I am having big time eye allergy issues now and again so not as much done as I would like.  I am also working on another prayer shawl but I don't want Bren to see it yet so I am not showing it.  It is pretty though if I say so myself!  Huggles Bren!
That is about it for now.  Jack and I are working hard on the house.  The youth pastor from church is hoping to come by the first Saturday of October to help Jack install the new front door.  I am excited about that as our old door is very drafty and in rough shape.  We are still tackling our bedroom.  Jack is nearly finished repairing the closet and it will be ready to paint soon.  Then I need to finish the window trim, we will hang border and do the finish on the floor and be done.  So God bless and huggles all.

Monday, September 20, 2010

The E.J. channel

All E.J. all the time or so he wishes!  The first three are from this afternoon as he maxed out on the bed which is temporarily in the living room as we redo the bedroom.
 Trying to still be cute but getting very sleepy.
 Finally out like a light.
 And here he is last night on the sofa.  When he plays, he plays hard and when he sleeps and relaxes he is serious about it.

Hope you enjoyed the E.J. channel and maybe even smiled.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Here we go again!

You ought to know by now who we are going to start with! LOL! Little Mr. "I'm cute."
And also very sleepy.
Here is my third prayer shawl.  Another pattern of my own.
And the two shawls already finished.  Mr. E. insisted on being in the picture.
I plan on cross stitching this evening.  Here is what the wolf looked like when I left him.  I am sure this next page with only 2 colors will drive me crazier than I am!
So there you have it.  God bless and huggles.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

One prayer shawl done!

You know we must start with the E. Man! LOL! The other day when we were all out enjoying the back yard, E.J. got mud all on his nose.
this one he seems to be stitcking out at Jack!  LOL!  Or me maybe, who knows.
I finished the navy blue prayer shawl and now I am working on one for a family member of Jack.  she lost her husband earlier this year.  i made up my own pattern just for a change up.  Having fun with it too.
So there is a very short post for you.  God bless and huggles.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Staying busy, and you?

A little red woolly worm visited us yesterday.
I am recycling again!  LOL!  I had a red gingham curtain on the back door but after we took down the big maple, the sun ruined it.  So I took this lace panel, doubled it over, sewed a few stitches and had a new curtain the sun won't fade.  Being a double layer it keeps out the harshest sun while still letting light in.
Here is E. J. today with a new hedgehog toy.  Many of the toys he inherited from Katie are not doing so well and are tired and worn out.
Jack and E. J. from the other night.  Jack was in pain with his legs, and the E. man was keeping him company.  I had a little fun with the special effect on this picture.
E.J. also got some mail today from a dear friend we have never met.  His Aunted Betsy as he calls her on facebook, made him a little blankie and sent him a toy.  That kid was in hog heaven today!
I am crocheting on a prayer shawl and plan on making a couple more.  I was inspired to do so by a dear friend, Susan from the Tulsa area.  You can meet her here --> Penless Writer
Here is a picture of a gorgeous sunset last night.  I like the shot through the tree.
Nice pinks and oranges in this one.
One last shot of E.J. playing with his present!
So no cross stitching this time, but I do hope you enjoyed everything else.  God bless and huggles.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Stitching, watching butterflies and enjoying life.

This tiny little butterfly was warming up on the morning glories this morning.

While morning glories do love heat and little water, the long dry spelled cut the number of blooms but after a couple days of blessed rain, they are going to town.

Our white mum is trying to bloom and I reckon after two days of lows in the 50's at night, more blooms will likely be on the way.
Our friend Teresa stopped by today and of course E.J. was in hog heaven!  He never meets a stranger and he loved her but his pestering made taking a picture tough!  LOL!
I am nearly done with the wolf's ear and thus this page.  Slow going right now but getting there.  Afraid Jack hasn't been able to get a lot done on his as his knee is kicking up again after working last week on our bedroom.
So that is my short post.  Hope you enjoyed it.  God Bless and huggles.