Friday, July 30, 2010

Time for another update!

Yesterday we got some much needed rain. I peeked out the front door and took a picture of the morning glories wet with rain. The blooms had long since closed up, but the rain was nice on the leaves.
Here is my wolf.  I did the top bit of stitching.  Next I did all the black on this section as a guide to placing other colors.  I thought I would never finish all that black!  LOL!
Here is Jack's work.  Let me tell you it is much lovelier in person than the picture they had on the package.  I can not hardly wait until Jack finishes to see what it looks like.
Little E.J. yesterday all snugged in for his afternoon nap.  Those eyes!  They get me every time!
Have a blessed weekend all.  Huggles.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Happy saturday!

I finished the Rainbow Bridge this morning and adding the names was tough, especially Katie and Bubba who were very special.
Here is a close up of the names and when E.J. time comes his will be added as well but I hope it is many years!
In between pages on the wolf I will be doing this piece from my friend Sandy at Joyful expressions.
Bubba Joe 1996-2004
Bubba loved everyone including animals unless you were a squirrel or bird!  He even came to the assisted living where I worked to visit.
Mr. Max 1992-2006
Mr. Max was adopted when he was 13 and Jack called him the curmudgeon.  He was difficult to live with but we loved him.  He died 8 months after we adopted him.
Big Mac 1982-1991
A little furball of a chow who grew to 80 pounds.  He was so sweet and adored children especially the 3 year old boy across the street.
Katie-Bug ?-2010
And our beloved Katie.  My heart still aches for her.  She came to live with us in 2006 and was always such a good girl and so loving.  I still say whether she was 8 or 9 years old, it was too soon for her to leave us.
   Thanks for visitng me.  God bless and keep you and huggles to you and yours.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Tuesdays show and tail

Sleeping with our tongue stuck out.
Being cute.
Trash can raiding parties are always fun.
Sleeping when it is to hot to play outside.
But the best of all I have no picture for.  Saturday evening despite cement blocks in front of the gate, E.J. managed to get his head stuck between the gate and the fence.  He looked very embarrassed.  Jack had to loosen the gate while I held E.J. to get him out.  Hope he has learned a lesson because it scared me as much as it did E.J.
Visit here for more Show and tails.

Stitching on a hot day!

With such high heat indexes (110 degrees) we are all taking it easy inside. Any outside work or baking is being done early in the day.  Jack finished his Kitchen project.  It is really cute I think.
This will be his next project and it will take him awhile I am sure.  But it will be well worth it.
My progress on Rainbow Bridge.  One change I made was with the stream.  I eliminated the palest blue and replaced it with some iridescent thread to add a little sparkle.
I tried to get the sparkle to show up for you.  A little of it did.  It looks really good in person.
Even E.J. was chilling out most of the day.  He has been out but not for as long as usual.  I always keep his outside bowl full of ice to melt for nice cold water.  Spoiled isn't he?  LOL!
So that is about all for me for today.  If you are baking in the heat where you live, be careful!  god bless and huggles.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Just a fun little post and cross stitch too

This mum has been in a hurry since spring to bloom. silly thing but it is pretty.
I was resting after some housework and soon had company!  LOL!  Now that is relaxed!
Several of these flowers are in my morning glory patch.  They are very small flowers but very pretty. 
Jack has been working a bit on his project.  The more he does, the more I like it.
I thought I would have page one of the wolf done by now.  I really don't want to lay it aside and finish Rainbow Bridge until I do.  I am almost there!
A new friend on my blog asked about how hard it is to see to do cross stitch.  I find by sticking with 14 count and rarely doing anything smaller and bight lighting, it is not bad at all.  However even with bright lighting Jack has trouble seeing his work so he uses something called mag eyes bought from Herrschner's that clip onto his glasses.  Makes a world of difference for him.  Cross stitch is great therapy for us both.  Hope that answers your question, Regina!  God bless and huggles to all until next time!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Wolves and E.J.

Mr. E.J. the mighty thought I needed help today trimming branches. Here he is marching off with one.
GRRR!  Showing one he is tough!
What's dad up to?
Was that a bird?
Okay after all the silly, here is my wolf.  The ear is done and now I only have the head portion to do.  Then it will be off to page two but I do believe I will finish up rainbow bridge before I go much further on this one. 
Thanks for visiting!  God bless and huggles!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Hello on a rainy day!

Does it look like a wolf's ear yet? It really is! LOL! I think I have made good progress! I will put it down at the end of the week and finish Rainbow Bridge.
Can you see E.J's tongue sticking out?  He does that a lot and sometimes it seems he is sticking it out at us!
It was rainy most of the day and E.J. was VERY disgusted and spent most of the day like this.
There is that tongue again!
Here is a little video of E.J.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Wolves, houses and mums oh my!

These are my mums this year. The yellow one thinks he should be blooming already. I nearly lost the 2 on either end but they are at last coming out of it. I think they will all be beautiful this fall!

As a reminder, here they were when planted last fall.  BIG difference.

See the siding on our poor house?  We tease it has a bad skin condition and it is not a sight for sore eyes either.  I HATE vinyl siding and this aluminum is right up there with it!  It will be coming off and the original siding will be repaired and repainted.
This is the old cement and fiber siding that was put on when the house was built in 1968.  The stuff lasts almost forever and really holds paint to.  We have the colors all decided.  A very pale yellow wall, sage green screen doors, eaves and peaks and barn red doors.
Here is my wolf and I am so glad to finally be doing a little bit of gray after brown, brown and more brown. The picture doesn't really do full justice as there is very subtle shading of browns in the background. Sometimes the colors are so alike it is hard to tell them apart but what a lovely effect!

So that is what is going on around here. We are both tired from moving the newer window a/c from the window to the wall where the old one was. I am glad it is moved! It made it hard to get past it and the car under the carport and the east part of the kitchen did not cool much at all. So be blessed all and see you soon. Huggles.