Monday, June 30, 2008

Blue moons, flowers, old cars and squares!

Jack and I both love old cars! The last time we were at Wal-Mart this one was in the parking lot.
Here is a close up of one of our morning glories. These were already here when we moved here last year. I don't think any of the ones I planted came up. My own fault as I forgot to nick the seeds and soak them for 24 hours! DUH!
Here is the wire where they live on the side of the car port. I can not wait for them to cover it more and have even more blooms. This fall, Jack is putting up new wire for them and we will add more colors of morning glories, add some moonflowers and other vines. I hope to buy some corkscrew flower vines. those are so cool!
Been crocheting a few squares for the quilt! Thought it would be fun to throw them all on the floor! Well, it was but the picking them up wasn't nearly as much fun.
Here too is Blue Moon Angel. Not a lot of progress on her but some. My allergy eyes have been kicking up a bit. Not so good for cross stitching!
Well folks, as of the end of June we have had 39.50 inches of rain for the year. That is before the storm we had at one a.m. Saturday morning. Keep in mind that for our area normally we get 45 inches of rain for the entire year! However the ones who have really been dealt a hard blow and major flooding are of course in Iowa and Missouri where it is next to the Mississippi. So please pray for those folks and any others affected by all the rain and other disasters.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Curtains and flowers

Aren't these pretty? Jack got them for me to brighten up the front porch. I can not for the life of me think of the name of them right now. Brain freeze i guess.
Here is Jack's little cherry tomato just going to town. It has nearly 20 tomatoes on it in various sizes. Poor Jack can hardly wait for them to ripen! My morning glories are growing like weeds. just racing each other up the wire on the carport to see who gets to the top first! I will share a picture as soon as it starts blooming.
And as promised, here is a picture of my fabric made into a curtain. Jack was a big help when it came to cutting. Folding 6 yards of fabric by ones self is not easy! Once it was cut in half that made things so much easier. I was going to cut it in half again to make to separate panels but decided on one. With the high up windows, they will never be pulled open so why not one panel for more light control? I am very fussy about how dark my room is and light getting in. Even the light on the radio bugs me if it is not turned just right. We have a little fan we sometimes use in the bedroom and I even cover up the switches on it because the light in them bugs me. And also when I hung the curtain on the window to mark for length, I kinda liked it a bit longer than the window. So I just turned it up and called it good! I finished the other curtain today and now they are being washed to remove wrinkles and then they will be hung.
So that is my exciting time here. I am sorry I haven't posted as much as I usually do. Jack has been having a bad flair up of the pain and swelling in his legs again. He has been miserable quite a few days. Today he feels a lot better with just a little pain. So God bless until next time!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Let's talk and share some stitchy stuff!

Here is Blue Moon Angel. I know it doesn't look like I have done a lot but it is one of those projects that has a lot of color change. Makes for a pretty piece but what a lot of work!
I have also been crocheting squares for my bedspread. I really need to get cracking and get it done! LOL! Jack is working on a project but I can not show you that just now. The person it is for looks at my blog! Sorry! Now what do you think of this fabric? Most people will either hate it or love it.
It is for my bedroom curtains to replace the temporary blue ones I made. Once we repaint the bedroom blue won't go. And since the green paint we will use has yellow undertones, we had to be careful of the green we chose. I got this in Carthage at Hobby Lobby. I love ginghams and checks since I don't use a pattern for my curtains. Makes the cutting that much easier! The best part is I got 6 yards for twelve dollars as it was on sale! Yippee! I was disappointed though. Jack took me to Joann's and the fabric they had was not anything I liked. The little bit I did like was flimsy and to me, poor quality. Not at all like the wonderful Joann's in Springfield! Oh well I got what I wanted!
So that is my puny little post for now. LOL! God bless!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Carthage, MO part 2

Hill House Chateauesque-1887
Baker House Victorian 1880's
No info on this one but it is amazing!
Rose house Queen Anne/Colonial Revival blend-1899
Tower House Italianate-1880
Davey House Queen Anne-1900's
W. Mitchell house Italianate 1881
Ketchum house Georgian Revival 1901
Leggett House 1901
Phelps House 1895
N. Luke house Georgian Revival-1900
Spencer House Italianate 1870

Porch of the Irwin House Queen Anne
So there are some of the homes in Carthage. I decided to wait until next time for Marlin Perkins home. I will explain in the last Carthage post why you don't see older homes and a very few last pics. In between then i will post a stitchy post. Huggles and blessings!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Carthage, Mo Part 1

Jack and Katie being silly!

This is Katie and I at the Alice in Wonderland statue by the library in Carthage
Here is Jack and I cut poor Katie off! LOL!
A wonderful old barn behind our motel. I can imagine when it was new what an awesome barn it was!
Roses at our favorite chinese restaurant in Joplin. Joplin is only about 10 miles from Carthage.
And water lillies too!

This is the Carthage courthouse. They say only the arch in St. Louis is photographed more in the state. Let me tell you it is huge and impressive. There is a great mural inside and an antique, working elevator! We didn't have a chance to go inside.

Giant praying hands in Webb City which is on the way to Joplin. They are huge!

Look at little Miss Bug sporting her new halter and a toy she picked out all by herself!
So that is the first part of the pictures. Next time I will share some pictures of some glorious homes including Marlin Perkins birthplace! Plenty more to come and a little history lesson to and something funny that happened.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Sharing a laugh

Well, I want to share a laugh with you before Jack and I take off for our trip tomorrow. We were hit with bad weather again last night. Once again we were under a tornado watch. i know, you are thinking and what is so funny about that. Well it isn't funny! Not at all. But about 11:30 last night I was here on the computer playing a game, Jack was watching an old movie on television. Suddenly, we lost power and boy was it dark! I could not see my hand in front of my face unless it lightening. What was fun was trying to find the power strip to shut it off in case the power tried to come on and then went off. So finally managed to do that without hitting my head on the desk or falling out of my chair. Jack and I were talking back and forth not wanting to go far in the dark. But after about a half hour in the office chair, I had a bad case of petrified rump! And I decided to try and make it to the living room. I found Jack's hobby desk and used it to find my way to the doorway. Then I inched along the hallway until I made it to the living room doorway. Then came the big leap of faith. I had to make it across the living room to the sofa. YIKES! I asked Jack to talk to me so I could follow his voice and I was able to hold onto the CD cabinet and then the t.v. which got me a little more than halfway. So picture me the rest of the way, bent over, hands out in front of me searching for the sofa! Made it! Yippee!!!!!! My victory was short lived though! I was thirsty because it was stuffy without a fan running and I needed a potty run. Why couldn't the potty run hit me as I was passing the bathroom? Made it to the kitchen for some water and even managed to make it to the bathroom and back to the sofa just fine! Then we set waiting for lights and watching the storm. All told, the lights were out for over an hour. I have had enough of storms this year. I am waving the white flag in surrender! LOL! I hope this story makes you smile! God bless and see you this weekend!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Scary afternoon!

Can you believe this is two in the afternoon? It got so dark the street lights came on. A possible tornado was heading our way so after I filmed this I went inside and prayed for no damage and that the tornado would not touch down. We got a lot of wind, hail and rain but no tornado touch down. I was very nervous through it all. Storms always make me really nervous. Doesn't mean I don't trust the Lord to take care of me. Just that when you have panic and anxiety disorder certain things can cause you fear and nerves. All we had was a couple broken limbs on some trees. But I wanted you guys to see what was going on here today. When Jack and I got up this morning it felt like storm weather. It was very humid and way to still. Not good when you have been having a lot of bad weather. Saturday evening and night we had a lot of thunderstorms too.
Tornado sirens from Michelle P on Vimeo.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

stitching, stitching, stitching!

I have been working hard on Blue Moon Angel. I know it doesn't look like it! LOL! That rascal has a lot of color changes and some of the blue is pretty hard to work on the blue fabric. Just to give you an idea of what it is you are looking at here goes. See the curved area on the upper right side? That is where her arm will eventually go. So I am working on the lower skirt area. I am nearly to the bottom. Then I will fill out the rest of the bottom and head up.
Did I show you the latest on Bountiful Blessings? Here it is. I am not working on it right now. Need a bit of a break. Besides my angel is lots of fun right now! LOL!
I was trying to get quite a bit of the Ruth project done. But once again I ran out of the dark blue thread. Rather than go to Ehler's and get more, I will just stock up at Hobby Lobby when we are in Joplin which is close to Carthage. I need to buy enough to finish Ruth and replenish all that I used up. Jack asked how much I thought I would need and I jokingly said "All that is in the state of Missouri" Sure feels that way sometimes!
So that Is it for now. God bless you this week!