Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Hot days of summer and hot stitching! LOL!

Sylvia fun!

And you know that girl can max out!



Jack has been making some real progress on his cross stitch when his legs are peaceful enough.


And I have been working at my stitching too.  Nothing much done today but I was busy on it yesterday.



The doily is really coming along.  I am on round 21 of 35 so not much longer.  But of course it does go some slower as the doily grows.


So that is our little visit for today.  We are under a heat advisory the rest of the week so it is summer officially in Missouri!  Be blessed and huggles.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Stitching, crochet and kitties!


This is a doily I have started on.  It will have butterflies around the edge.  I have patterns also with bumblebees and another with hearts around the edge I want to make as well.  I used to have a lot of doilies but have given some away!



Here is my cross stitch piece.  Once I get all the way across, it will be finished.  Getting close at last!



The girl on her vanity!  My goodness the ways she naps!  I would never be able to get up again!


I had to cover my new to me loveseat as our girl loves the texture of the fabric and I thought, “Hmmn, I could make her a neat hidey spot.”  She loves to tuck herself in there and try to ambush you as you head to or from the kitchen.  If she didn’t say “mmmmm” as she launches her attack, it might work better!


So that is my post for this round.  Be blessed and huggles.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Some days are, well, interesting at best! LOL!

Sunset tonight



Our front flowerbed.  I am having to herd the morning glories daily to stop them from hugging everyone!


We had a wicked line of storms last night and this is what it did to our tomatoes.  Our neighbors garden faired better.  We did restake and straighten the plants and they may pull through.  I will trim any injured  areas in the morning and Jack will fertilize them to get them going again hopefully.


Stitching at last!

I did a lot of stitching today as I was dealing with a lingering migrane and very little sleep.  I hope I can soon finish this piece.


I also finished a prayer shawl for someone.  I do need to work in the ends so please excuse that.


So huggles and blessings to one and all until next time!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Taking time to post!

Been a busy week but I wanted to take the time to post  a few things.


Took these a couple nights ago.



The little garden out front and my pot of hens and chickens. 



Finally some stitching and the start of a prayer shawl for someone special.  I just got started on the shawl and it will also have some black in it.


So that is my little post for now.  Huggles, blessings and have a wonderful weekend.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Busy stitchy day here!

Sylvia of course!

All stretched out!
Head plastered against the window.
And did you know she has a twin?

Crochet progress

I have finished everything on my afghan except for the border.  Not sure how wide I will make it yet.  Depends on how far my yarn goes!

Cross stitching of course!

Jack has managed some work on his project although between his legs hurting so bad, mowing and home projects it  has been slow.
And I have picked up my cross stich again.  Haven’t done much since I am trying to finish the afghan but I will pick it up more now.
So that is it for now.  Blessings and huggles.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Hot times outside so more work time inside

Whoo, when it decided to warm up it did it big time!  95 degrees today but I don’t mind as the tomatoes do better in this weather.  We already see fruit on a couple of them.  Following is what Sylvia thinks of the heat.  Sleep when it’s hot or cold or even just right.


This week I made a sunbonnet for when I am outside.


And repaired one of my favorite valences I made sometime ago.  I then hung it in the laundry room.


And just for laughs.  A frog planter belonging to one of our neighbors.  I really like it!


Here is a cute sign downtown.


And a lovely old home near downtown.


So that is my visit for now.  God bless and huggles.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Flowers, crochet, Jack & Sylvia!

Flower Power

Our flowerbed after a weeding and adding some rock.  Sure looks better!  Another hibiscus bloom.  It is just over 7 inches across.



I have the third row attached.  Only one more to go and then it will be time to add the border.  It is getting heavy too!


Sylvia & the mice!

Our girl has been sillier than usual today.  Endless games of pattypaws with mom.  Goofiness with dad, and mouse thrashing! In case you are wondering, pattypaws is where Sylvia sets on the floor near the loveseat waiting for me to notice her and run my fingers along the edge.  She will then pounce and give me one, two, or three slaps careful never to scratch.



Here is my beloved working hard today.  He is making a temporary toilet for when we tear up the bathroom.


So that is it for me for now.  Nice to visit with you.  Huggles and God bless.