Sunday, November 30, 2014

Happy Sunday!

Well, here I am again!  Hope everyone is doing well!  We are preparing for a bit of freezing rain and sleet tomorrow.  No matter as we will stay inside!  Jack has been busy on the kittens.  He finished one towel already!
I worked on a shawl some and am finishing up the order of pot holders.  Still have ten angels to do but that doesn't take long at all.  The shawl is not really such a loud red.  Just my camera makes it look so!
 I managed to sneak in a little work on my Rose Sampler!  So close to being done!
So when Sylvia was tired of me taking her picture, she sat on my cross stitch.  Sure, I wanted a hairy project!
Just being the queen!

Thanks for visiting.  Huggles and blessings.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Happy Thanksgivings! And a BIG post.

This says it all!
Our sunset is lovely tonight!
And this is the poor tree out back with just about all leaves gone leaving the nest looking pretty forlorn!
Look at this nifty paint job on the cement truck we saw the other day.  I like it.
And this is a lovely old barn on the east side of Fayetteville that I love,
Look at these darling towels Jack found to make for me!  Love that vintage look!
And I bought this darling set of the Holy family.
It will go with this stitching piece.  I got the chart on sale at my friend Sandra's site which you can find here-> Joyful Expressions
And this is what is keeping me busy still!  Lots of pot holders and a couple shawls and angels and snowflakes!

 My end of the sofa is a bit of a mess!  The black items below the red are bracelets.
I did find time to make a new bedroom curtain!
And now for some Sylvia sillies!

Thanks for visiting!  Huggles and blessings.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Long time no see!

Well hello!  Since last we talked it has sure gotten cold!  Right now just before five it is only 26 degrees.  But I like the cold!  We had sleet Saturday evening and a skiff of snow yesterday.

Jack finished up his rooster towel and it will be going off to its home soon.  Came out pretty I think.
I of course am still crocheting.  I am on the home stretch on a shawl and I had a little fun making a small heart and a little dishmop.

The other night, Sylvia Joy kept tapping Jack's shoulder.  So sweet!  She loves him even though she slaps him at times!

And she got her silly on!
And thought she was pretty funny stealing jack's spot on the couch!  He was lieing down to ease his legs and when he sat up for a bit, zoom!!!!!
Me, sleepy?
Thanks for visiting.  Blessings and huggles.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Popping in!

Well, with Jack's wolf done, he is now working on some rooster towels.
I am still working on angels.  I have 13 of an order of 20 done with another order of 6 angels and 6 snowflakes to do and an order for 2 shawls.  I also did several bracelets for an order.

Here is the first motif for one of the shawls.  It looks complicated but it isn't.
Oh and how about the beaver full moon this month?  Did you see it?  Here it is the first day.

However, I thought that it was prettier the second day.

And the trees and bushes are changing quite a bit.

Don't you love these two?  I hate seeing dogs riding in the back of a truck though.
And we mustn't forget Miss Sylvia Joy!
Thanks for visiting!  Huggles and blessings.

Monday, November 3, 2014

An outing

We took off on an adventure up Mt. Sequoya in Fayetteville Ar to enjoy the views and the fall foliage.  At one time it was a monastery but now it is a retreat run by the Methodist.