Sunday, April 13, 2008

Stitching and water

I thought you would like to see the curtains I made. I have the same thing in the area of the kitchen where the table sets. I like them because they are so cheerful. I have the red gingham on the kitchen door.
Here is Jack's chickens. Mrs. chicken is done I do believe. I haven't done any cross stitching this past week. You know how that goes sometimes.
We went to Nevada Thursday and one of the many creeks we cross was out of it's banks. No big surprise with all the rain we've had. Before they moved the road a little south and elevated the bridge, it used to flood it quite a bit. I couldn't believe it yesterday when I was walking Katie that it was spitting snow! LOL! What strange weather we are having. I am sure ready for sunshine!

So that is our little visit for Sunday. I hope you are blessed this coming week.


  1. Curtains look nice. Great pictures too!

  2. I love the curtains! Yes cheerful is the word!

    I am loving the talents of you guys...and actually checked out your slide show(from email) of all your projects! I love how your fingers and hands are so creative!

    Love taking the drive with you. Amazing to see grass!
    I wish I could send you sunshine:0)

  3. That is alot of water!

    Really cute curtains.

  4. Sunshine and a little warm weather would be more than welcome. This is crazy.

  5. Oh those curtains look so bright and cheery...I would guess you just love waking up to see them.

    Good job to does that guy accomplish a lot.

    and thank you for taking us along on your trip...Saturday it was almost 80 and sunny...but we are going to have a rainy week...

    that's okay there is
    SONshine in my soul.


  6. Your curtains are lovely, Michelle, and Jack's chicken is nice. Glad he is enjoying his stitches. So wonderful to have a husband to stitch along with. And thanks for taking us along the ride. Lovely photos. Hope you have a blessed week!

  7. I just love the curtains you made and they certainly do look cheery:-) I just love red gingham, as you've seen by my tablecloth and kitchen curtains! hehe

    Jack's latest project is wonderful...both of you do such beautiful work!!

    The weather certainly has been weird lately...we got so much snow on Friday and Saturday but thankfully it's now starting to melt again!! Can't wait for Spring to arrive here! xox

  8. I can never stop being amazed at your stitching. I guess then that sometim e soon you will be posting some of your juices.

  9. I love the curtians!!! The chicken is just beautiful!!!

    I think the strange weather may just be another sign of the times. Maybe???

    You and Jack have a wonderful day. connie from Texas

  10. Hi. Didn't realize it is still raining up at your place. Interestingly, at home it has rained a lot, but here 200 miles south it's been dry as a bone.

    Love the cherry curtains! And Jack's chicken!

  11. curtains are very cute! as ma kettle said "Cheerful!"

  12. Your curtains are so cheerful!

    Thank you for taking us along on your drive. :)

  13. I'm busy making curtains for my mom. Hopefully they'll look pretty and make her feel cozy in her new little home.

    Yours ARE bright and cheerful. I need some ideas for mine. I have a ton of windows in the kitchen and the curtains are ancient and faded...

  14. Prety curtains Michelle! Great pictures.

  15. What lovely, cheerful curtains you've made :) And your river/creek looks like all of ours around here! I'm ready for spring too :)

  16. Good Afternoon Michelle,

    I love your beautiful curtains...they are cheerful...and remind me of a set my gandmother had back in the seventies. - Good memories-

    Wow...Jack's chicken looks great...he has put a lot of work in this piece.

    I am so glad that you two didn't have to deal with the flooding in your neighborhood. We have had crazy weather too.

    Have a day filled with many blessings my sweet friend!

  17. Your "happy curtains" match my preferences exactly. Cheerful and warm, making a house a home!

    Stellar job of it, that!

  18. Your curtains turned out cute. It's been sunny and in the 70's for the past 2 days here. Short lived, though. It's supposed to rain again. Our fields and creeks are flooded, too. :(

  19. Michelle, I love the curtains they are so bright and cheerful. Jack's chickens are wonderful.

    Your fast on the draw leaving posts. Read the newest one I've made, I am calling the Dr. Monday. YAY!!
    Thanks for all your post's.

  20. Love the curtains! I so enjoy looking at your creations and enjoyed the drive!


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