Saturday, January 28, 2012

Great Day For Stitching

It has been a great day for stitching and I have gotten a lot done on my project. The tan area of her dress is pretty easy to do so it has allowed me to really zip along.
L&L Guardian angel
I had a little fun with Sylvia yesterday and took this picture.  I mean if you can’t pick on the pets, what can you do?
Gotta love that cat!
I am already planning and scheming what I want to do next.  Gonna be one of these three.
Bluebird and Iris
Stained Glass


  1. Gorgeous stitchings!! And love your kitty making a little heart for you. What a sweetie...

  2. I love these pieces especially the Bluebird and the Iris, such lovely colors! The picture of your cat is so cute!


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