Thursday, October 10, 2013

Busy time of stitching.

Jack and I pulled everything out of tubs and boxes in the hobby room this week.  We threw away a lot, found some things to give away, repacked the tubs and cleaned.  As you can see it was a mess for a couple days.

I also finished Jack's afghan this week and that makes me happy.  I had told him I would have it done before it got cold and I made it!

I Don't think I ever shared a picture of my finished shawl either.  So here it is.

Sylvia entertained herself  in the hobby room while Jack and I were slaving away.  Silly cat!

Thanks for the visit.  Blessings and huggles.


  1. You have been very busy there..oh,how I should do the same thing to the boxes where I store my craft supplies. Lovely photo of Sylvia in the mirror my smaller cat Melissa loves to play with mirros too -she is still wondering whye does that "other" cat moves her tail when she does so !!? What a problem to be solved :D :):)

  2. That was a very brave thing to sort, and very rewarding once finished.

  3. I wonder if Sylvia knew she was framing herself perfectly. lolol! Great picture! I love Jack's afghan! The colors are gorgeous -- bet he's happy it's done! Beautiful Shawl too. Good for you for doing all that cleaning out!

  4. Oh my! What a wonderful before and after picture! You really did a great job. It feels so great to be organised.

  5. The shawl's a stunner. I do so like the new teal and aqua Names of Jesus piece as well.

    Hugs to HRC Sylvia and Jack. Blessing upon you all.


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