Tuesday, March 18, 2014

It's not Monday as promised but....

The computer we have is slowly dying.  It has been acting up with the card reader and usb ports not wanting to work.  Now it likes to show we have no internet connection some times.  We paid off our last credit bill today so now to save up for a new computer tower.
  Anyway, my sampler is nearly done.  I think I have two leaves left to do and a couple or three dots of the dark blue.

 Sunday we went to church with a brisk wind and a lot of rain.  When we came out of church it was snowing like anything and was foggy.  Not fun when you have to pull out onto a highway at the crest of a hill!  I just got in the center turn lane and went from there.  Made it home safe and sound.  Here is a picture of the pine tree out front.
Sylvia has been enjoying bird watching lately with the mostly warmer weather.  Here she is!

Thanks for visiting.  Blessings.


  1. So close to a finish! It's beautiful! I hope this snowy icy stuff stops. It's enough already! Cute Sylvia!

  2. Our PC is "pourly" too :( Had to take it to be fixed (hopefully, it will depend on the price) otherwise we might do like you & start saving for a new one! Ours is not even switching on & keeps beeping.... Strange thing! Anyway your sampler is so colourful, this is a lovely design!!!

  3. The finish is very close--I love the colors in this piece!

  4. The finish is very close--I love the colors in this piece!

  5. The sampler is lovely. We have two cats and I love seeing pictures of Sylvia.

  6. I do love snow but this winter has seen a bit much of it! This latest one was beautiful though; stuck to everything and went away the next day. This is acceptable in my book! :D

    The colors in your sampler are so beautiful. My kitties follow me around to every window I open. I think they forgot what the outside world looked like!

  7. I hope your computer will hang in for you till you can replace it...the sampler is wonderful...wow. And I pray Sylvia will be blessed with lots of birds to look at. She has the perfect spot. :)

  8. So beautiful !!! Well done !


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