Friday, April 4, 2014

So, So Close!

I am on the last of 4 pages on the Names Of Jesus piece.  So close I can taste it!!!1  Here is a look see.

We had storms last night and the clouds were interesting!  Thought I would share a picture.
And Sylvia at her best!  She loves to use Jack's fingers to wash her nose!

And just being silly!

Blessings and huggles and thanks for the visit.


Bean said...

Looking at the Names of Jesus piece you did for me I can figure out which names you have left to do :)

I like your cloud picture, it reminds of a line I read in a book many years ago. A young student teacher was assigned to an inner city school and there was no beautiful scenery to direct her students eyes to, and suddenly she remembered one of her instructors saying, "direct their view to the ever changing panorama of the skies". I love this quote, because the sky truly is an ever changing panorama and a beautiful and wondrous part of creation.


Margaret said...

Your stitching is looking good! Sylvia is a sweetie!

Marlene Jones said...

Love the purple and yellow. Your sky was brewing a storm. Sylvia playing with her dad, bliss. xxxx

Cathy said...

You do beautiful stitching, and I love the colors in your Names of Jesus. Oh, and Sylvia is always fun to see!