Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Chilly hello!

Well hello there!  We had a bit of an ice and snow event this weekend and it was pretty cold but nice to look at.

I need a break from crochet flowers so am spending my time on Jack's vest and I have three doilies going too.  The first one is a pattern I have had for a long time and I had to recopy as it was well near worn out.  I had started a project with the pattern years ago and the doily was accidentally destroyed so trying again.
 This one is a lovely pinwheel doily.  I just love the movement in it and had to do it.
 This one is just because I can!  LOL!
Now look what a mess sylvia made last night playing with a pinecone.

I guess it wore her out as well!
Thanks for visiting.  Huggles and blessings.


  1. It's nice to do something different, I'm doing patchwork.

  2. Great job Michelle! Your work is always so beautiful. Loop

  3. Beautiful doilies!! Such lovely colors! Silly Sylvia Joy!! The last picture looks like she's saying "ok! Done playing, I'm taking a nap, you clean up. Goodnight!" Lol

  4. You ahve done great job again with all the crocheting .The jacket is coming ready very soon.I am so sorry for the lost of your FB,friend.I assume she was Christian and did not "see death" insted her beloved Saviour and Friend and King Jesus Christ .Kitty is very cute playing with that pine cone..

  5. Sylvia seems to be enjoying trying to figure out what the pine cone is :) I love the curiosity of cats. I want another kitty so bad....but I know it is not feasible for us. :( This is the first time I can remember never having a pet of any kind. It has been incredibly cold here in Michigan but we have not had a much snow as last year. Winter is pretty but the ice is scary. I hope you both are feeling better...

  6. My favorite doilies are pinwheel doilies. I can't wait to see your finished product. Ms. Sylvia is lovely as always.


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