Saturday, June 18, 2016

Plenty of Crochet!

Well now let's see. What have I been up to? well, I put the buttons on a cape for a friend and got it mailed. Good timing to as she just got home from the hospital. I hope it will cheer her.
I also managed to finish the last row of a rug I started on in December of last year. Right before Jack got down with his leg and I got ill.
Also doing some rows on a very time consuming doily. It is done all in single crochet and chain stitch so is nearly 100 rows although it is not huge. It will need some serious blocking when done. I have less than 20 rows to go but they take some time to do.
My beloved Jack asked for another bedspread in a nine patch when he saw the pattern with a dishcloth I made for someone. He chose the colors and I really love the cheery flavor of it.
We also found the perfect knobs for a little table I recently refinished. So glad the fish knob that was on it is gone.
It has been very hot here of late, and Sylvia has spent much of her time being silly and sleeping.

Thanks for visiting. Huggles and blessings.


  1. A great mixture of crochet projects. Love your little blue drawer knobs, so bright and matches your crochet on top. Your photo's of Sylvia are cute.

  2. The cape looks nice and warm. So sweet to see kitty photos!

  3. The cape you made is beautiful! You are amazing, everything you do turns out so nice, I am jealous, not really, but do enjoy your skills. Sylvia is pretty and looks so soft and I know she is because our Violet is.

  4. Beautiful makes Michelle ;)

  5. I see you have been busy, love the rug. Good day!

  6. Your kitty is so cute, and as usual, your projects are lovely. My 4 oldest girls are all learning how to knit and crochet. I'm so thankful, as I never learned!

  7. Beautiful work as usual. Love how the knobs match the doily on top 😃

  8. The refinishing is a delightful success! Happy Anniversary to you both with prayers for many more years of love and blessings.


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