Saturday, August 20, 2016

This weeks projects

First here is the grape doily with it's white bits lightly colored.

And this week I am working on my tablecloth. It's hard to show it. I got tired of working in circles and started doing rows instead.
And I spent a couple days figuring out this pattern. While it is not a hard pattern, it had mistakes in the directions that made it troublesome. Finally got it figured out and off I go. You do two set up motifs and thereafter it is a repeat of a 5 row third motif until it is the length you like. It is made in strips. Now to determine the amount of yarn needed for each strip in the size I desire.
Now we bring you today's Sylvia morning antics!

Thanks for visiting. Huggles and blessings.


  1. The doily is just lovely. I have never seen such a doily! As always, you have done beautiful work. And love your silly kitty :)

  2. Lovely as usual my friend! Say hello to Sylvia!

  3. The grape doily is AWESOME! :)

  4. It is absolutely gorgeous! I would never be able to produce one of those!

  5. I can imagine how much laughter and fun Sylvia is because Violet daily is fun and loving. Love your needlework....I used to make lots of doilies....even large ruffled ones I would 'cook' starch for. Have you other reading? I love to read....and am always bringing home more books. mostly favorite authors.

  6. Yay the grape doily! It turned out beautiful.

    Are the fan shapes to be bookmarks? Or edging? Or straps for a purse? All of the above? :D


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