Monday, June 12, 2017

Plenty going on here!

Hello again! we are getting close to having the hobby room set up. Just a few final things to do.

We celebrated our 37th anniversary the sixth. Jack let me pick out these goodies. He picked out a model for himself. I scoured thru the clearance yarn and also got a lucet for cordmaking (the turquoise item) and I got a hairpin lace thing also.
In the crocheting department a hat for my dear friend Laura, a laprobe for a friend's friend also. And tried out a motif.

We have been having visits from this little house finch and his missus this week.
And today Jack hung my living room curtains. I do not like naked windows at all! LOL!
Oh and I forgot one crochet thing. Actually I only needed to put in the pillow and sew it up. I am on a mission to finish up some things this year.
Now for some Sylvia time!

Thanks for visiting. Huggles and blessings.


Trudy Abernathy Neill said...

I like your hobby room and wish I was as organized as you are! Happy anniversary to both of you a little late! I like the items and especially the yarn you chose. The hat for Laura (I bet she is a friend of mine as well as I follow her blog) is very nice. Your curtains are lovely and I also don't like a naked window.....smiling here. Hope you are staying cool in this heat, it is sweltering here at 91 and we do not have central air. I am sleeping outside on the front porch as I have done for years when it is this hot. (91 this afternoon here). Have a great week and give kitty a pet for me too. All the best, Trudy

Lynda said...

Nice to see you all getting settled. And what a blessing to have a whole room for your crafts!!

Love the crocheted hat! xx

Cathy said...

That's a great hobby room! Looks like a place you'll spend many happy hours creating beautiful things!

Regina said...

Congratulations on 37 years! I love your hobby room. I would love to have a hobby room but sewing in the dining room is nice and crocheting in the living room has been great too.

Regina said...

Oh and Sylvia is sooo adorable!😊

Margaret said...

Happy belated 37th anniversary! We just celebrated our 34th last weekend. :D Everything is looking great in your new home!